What is the difference between cinnamon powder and Pure Cinnamon Bark Extract

2024-05-08 22:51:33

Cinnamon powder is popular used in healthcare and food additives for seasoning. Many people think cinnamon powder is same as the Pure Cinnamon Bark Extract powder. But in fact, it is very big difference.

xtract.gifcinnamon powder is easy to get, the process of manufacturer is different as it’s extract powder. Cinnamon powder is just makes the cinnamon bark in to powder, it is very easy to get. The most important is that cinnamon powder is not test the active ingredient in it, but for extract powder, we test the purity of the cinnamon polyphenols. Cinnamon extract shouldn't be confused with cinnamon oil, which is obtained directly from the bark and is a far more concentrated source of flavor. And extract powder has many functions that we do not find in the raw powder, because we do the active ingredient in the extract powder.

Main functions of the cinnamon bark extract are reduction hypertension, control blood glucose balance, prevent and alleviate diabetes.

Flavanols and polyphenols are antioxidants found in cinnamon, which can improve the stability of blood sugar levels and reduce resistance. It applies two ways to get these functions.

1, Activation enzyme that can stimulate the receptor;

2, It makes the signal pathway in the musculoskeletal tissue more open. Studies have found that cinnamon contributes to increased activity.

The active ingredients in cinnamon help boost levels of three key proteins. These proteins have important effects on receptors, blood glucose transport, and inflammatory responses, thus promoting activity or increasing body sensitivity.


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