Different Between Alpha Arbutin and Beta Arbutin Powder

2024-05-12 15:53:50

Alpha arbutin powder is an ingredient extracted from bearberry leaves of Rhododendronaceae. It can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the body and prevent the formation of melanin, thereby reducing skin pigmentation and removing spots, and freckles, as well as bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effects, widely used in cosmetics.


Alpha Arbutin VS β Arbutin Powder:

●The price of α-arbutin is about 8 times that of β-arbutin;

●The whitening effect of α-arbutin is more than 15 times that of β-arbutin;

●α-Arbutin has a stronger inhibitory effect on tyrosinase activity;

●The stability of α-arbutin is better, α-arbutin will not decompose at a high temperature of 100°; β-arbutin will decompose in a small amount when it exceeds 60°;

●α-Arbutin has no photosensitivity, so it can be used during the day;

●α-Arbutin does not exist in nature and can only be produced by fermentation;


Manufacture of Alpha Arbutin and Beta Arbutin Powder:

β-Arbutin can be extracted by plant cell culture and artificial synthesis, enzyme transformation and plant extraction, etc.

Generally, alpha arbutin white powder can only undergo sugar transfer reaction through the enzymes of different microorganisms, allowing one molecule of glucose to combine with one molecule of hydroquinone to form a single α-arbutin. Stability, efficacy and safety are superior to β-arbutin.

α-Arbutin can quickly penetrate deep into the skin and inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the pigment mother cells deep in the stratum corneum. And it forms a double effect on the surface of the skin, inhibiting the production of melanin.

More Questions about Alpha Arbutin White Powder:

★Does a-arbutin have any adverse effects on the skin?

Under the current use method and concentration, no adverse effects have been found.

Alpha Arbutin Powder is a natural active substance with safe ingredients. At present, it is relatively safe for the skin under the existing use method and concentration of cosmetics.


★Does a-arbutin need to be protected from light?

Because the concentration of arbutin is 2%, it is the most stable of the whitening ingredients in terms of stability, and it should not decompose when exposed to light, which will not affect the stability of the whitening effect. Therefore, alpha arbutin powder is currently one of the most widely used lightening and whitening agents.

★What skin types is a-arbutin suitable for?

It suit for all skin types.

We specialize in alpha arbutin powder due to its whitening, anti-aging effects, so it is suitable for any skin group.

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