Lysozyme Powder

Lysozyme Powder

Name: Lysozyme
Appearance: Powder
Specifications: 50,000 u/g, 100,000 u/g
MOQ: 1Kg
Stock: 500 Kg
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Product Introduction

We specialize in herbal plant extract powder, cosmetic powder, pharmaceutical intermediates powder. Lysozyme Powder is our main products. We have the department mainly research manufacturer the enzymic preparations. We have become the leader of food-grade enzyme preparation in China and the largest enzyme preparation manufacturer in China, providing customers with efficient enzyme preparation products and technical solutions to meet the needs of end customers and realize the value added.

We used rich plant resources in Guang Xi, focus on research and develop pure natural plant proteinase, establish raw material planting, production, research and sales service mode, with two-thirds of China's raw material planting area, papaya raw material planting base of 30,000 mu, pineapple planting base of 8,000 mu, provide sufficient raw material for global customers.  


Our company has a number of biological food doctors and professors, strong technical force, establishment of enzyme preparation RESEARCH and development and application technology center, with strong ability on product research, development and production application practice.

We mainly research papain, pineapple proteinase, yeast extraction enzyme, Lysozyme Powder, the neutral protease, alkaline protease, glutamine turn amine enzyme, nucleic acid, enzyme, pancreatic enzyme, ossein, animal protein hydrolysis extraction enzyme modification enzyme compound enzyme, flavor enzyme, so soybean peptide enzyme, vegetableprotein hydrolysis composite enzyme, roast enzyme series and so on a number of enzyme preparation products to fill the domestic blank,  The technical level of products has reached the domestic leading level or the international advanced level at the same time. Our products export to the United States, Japan, Europe, Korea and other places.

Main Information of Lysozyme:





Molecular Weight

14000—15000 Da


White or light white lyophilized powder


Medicine, food, bioengineering

Applications of the Muramidase Powder:

●Medical Applications:

It can be used as a natural anti - infective substance with bactericidal action.  It has antibacterial, antiviral, hemostatic, detumescent and analgesic functions and accelerates tissue recovery.  Lysozyme lozenges are used for acute and chronic pharyngitis and oral ulcer.  

Lysozyme Powder

●Food Grade:

It has antibacterial effecton positive bacterium, aerobic sporogenesis bacterium, bacillus subtilis, bacillus licheniformis, and will not produce adverse effect to the human body cell that does not have cell wall.  Therefore, it suit for all kinds of food preservative.  

In addition, Lysozyme Powder can also kill enterococcus corruption, increase intestinal infectivity, also promote the proliferation of intestinal lactobacillus bifidobacteria in infants, promotes cheese protein curd to facilitate digestion, so it is a good additive for baby food and beverage.


★It is recommended to store in a cool and dry environment, away from light, storage temperature: below zero;

★Too long storage or adverse storage conditions will reduce the enzyme activity in different degrees; If the temperature and humidity are too high, increase the usage when you use it.