Natural Phosphatidylserine

Natural Phosphatidylserine

Name: Soybean Extract Phosphatidylserine Powder
Other Name: PS
CAS: 1698-86-9
Test Method: HPLC
Specification: 20%, 50%
Extract Part: Seeds
MOQ: 1Kg
Stock: 500 Kg
Package: 25Kg/Paper drum
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Product Introduction

Natural phosphatidylserine supplier and manufacturer. It is a fatty substance produced in the body that covers and protects every cell in the body, and is involved in the clotting function of the body. It's particularly vital for the proper functioning of nerve cells within the brain, helping to transmit messages between them. Phosphatidylserine is also known as complex neuronic acid, it is short for PS.

Phosphatidylserine is a naturally occurring food ingredient that is also found in breast milk, also found in meat and fish, and it is higher in brain or internal organs (such as liver and kidney).Phosphatidylserine is very low in dairy products and vegetables (except legumes).

It can improve the brain memory function, because it has a strong lipophilic. It can quickly through the blood-brain barrier into the brain after the body absorbs it. It plays a soothing vascular smooth muscle cells, increase the role of brain blood supply.


Phosphatidylserine Benefits?

●It is regarded as “intelligent nutrient". Experts believe the natural substance helps keep cell walls flexible and increases the efficiency of neurotransmitters that carry brain signals, helping the brain function more efficiently and activating the brain.

●It can improve brain function, concentration, and memory.

Natural phosphatidylserine can safely enhance memory in the short term. Supplementing phosphatidylserine can increase the number of brain spurs, the fluidity of brain cell membranes and promote glucose metabolism in brain cells, thereby making brain cells more active, promoting concentration, improving alertness and memory.




●Improve student performance:

Researchers test that it has effect on stress. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, healthy college students were given 300 mg of phosphatidylserine daily for 30 days. College students must complete difficult math tests within a given time and record their responses to stress. The students on phosphatidylserine were found to be better at reactivity, confidence and performance than the control group. They also scored better on tests.

●Phosphatidylserine (PS) also helps relieve brain fatigue and repair brain cell damage. Because of this special function, phosphatidylserine-related nutritional supplements are widely used as nutritional supplements before taking the test.


Lecithin, as a kind of biological active substances, with the unique physical and chemical properties and nutritional value, It has been widely used in the world within the scope of the food, health products, medicine and feed industry. People can adjust blood lipid, improve memory, protect the liver, brain puzzle through use of phospholipids, as well as the physiological function such as anti-aging effect. PS is a member of the phospholipid family. It is the only phospholipid that can regulate the functional state of key proteins in cell membranes and is an indispensable substance for human body.


Natural Phosphatidylserine is a naturally occurring ingredient in food and is also found in breast milk. It is found in meat and fish, and higher in the brain or internal organs (such as liver and kidney), very low levels in dairy products and vegetables (except soy). Normal people need to supplement 100-300 mg of pure phosphatidylserine daily, which is even more important for vegetarians, low-fat or low-cholesterol diets, and the elderly.