Name: Stachyose Powder
Specifications: 60% 70% 80% 90%
Active Ingredient: Stachyose
Stock: 500 Kg
MOQ: 1Kg
Package: 1Kg/Aluminum Foil Bag, 25Kg/Paper drum
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Product Introduction

We are big Stachyose supplier in China. It is a naturally occurring sugar extracted from the natural plant elixir. Its molecular structure: galactose - galactose - glucose - fructose ". can rapidly improve the environment within the human digestive tract, regulate the microecology microflora balance. Now it is widely used in food and health products.

About Our Company:

We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of natural plant extracts and biochemical raw materials. Since the planning and design of the company in 2005, it has developed into a large enterprise leading the big health industry. We have been committed to maintaining the naturalness of raw materials and reducing the problems of heavy metals and pesticide residues in raw materials. We have established an independent research and development team and have close cooperation with many local universities and research institutions.


We strictly follow the requirements of GMP for safe production. The company's annual output can reach more than 3,000 tons, and the annual export value is about 10 million yuan every year. Various animal and plant extracts, health care products, cosmetic raw materials, etc. Our products are exported to Europe, North America, South America, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and more than 50 countries.

Basic Information

Product Name



White Powder


60%,70%,80%, 90%



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight




Test Method



Food Grade

Stachyose Uses:

●It can be added to liquid food, such as lactic acid beverage, vinegar beverage, beer and other beverages, to develop new functional food, and the addition amount is small, the effect is remarkable, and the flavor of the original food will not be destroyed;

●There are active factors, which can absorb toxic substances and pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, improve the body's disease resistance, and enhance immunity, so it can be widely used in medicine;

●When added to baked goods, it can retain moisture and change the rheological properties of dough;

●Stachyose raffinose powder sugar is not hydrolyzed by digestive enzymes, and its metabolism is not dependent on insulin, which can meet the needs of special groups such as diabetes, obesity and hyperlipidemia;

●Stachyose can promote the body's absorption of calcium and magnesium, and can be used as an ideal raw material for developing food for pregnant women and the elderly。