Naringenin Powder

Naringenin Powder

Name: Naringenin 98%
CAS: 480-41-1
Test Method: HPLC
MOQ: 1Kg
Stock: 500 Kg
Package: 25Kg/Paper drum, 1Kg/Aluminum foil bag
Delivery Time: Within 2~3 working days after you order
Payment Way: Bank Transfer, TT, Western Union, Paypal and so on.
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Product Introduction

We are the big naringenin powder supplier and manufacturer in the World. It has good effect on antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antispasmodic and cholereti, and is clinically used in the treatment of bacterial infections, sedation, and anti-cancer.

We has a professional and efficient R&D and production center for plant-derived natural compounds and reference substances, strict production process and perfect quality standard control to ensure the quality controllability of products and the stability of mass production. Perfect inventory and supply system, all products can be supplied from stock. All kinds of products provided by the company are strictly controlled in accordance with the latest editions of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia", "US Pharmacopoeia" and "European Pharmacopoeia". The products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, India and other international markets.

We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of natural plant active ingredients. Over the years, we have devoted ourselves to researching technology and successfully developed dozens of active ingredient monomers, nearly 100 kinds of standardized extracts, and more than 200 kinds of standard ratio extracts.


Our Products and Service:

★Functional food and health raw powders;

★Functional cosmetics raw powders;

★Natural drug intermediates.

★We are committed to provide customers with high quality products, high quality service, high competitive prices.

Basic Information:







Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



White powder

Naringenin Benefits:

●Naringenin powder is an aglycone of naringin, a dihydroflavonoid compound, which has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, free radical removal, antioxidant, cough and expectorant, blood lipid reduction, anti-cancer and anti-tumor, spasmolysis and gallbladder benefit, prevention and treatment of liver disease, inhibition of platelet coagulation, and anti-atherosclerosis. It can be widely used in medicine, food and other fields.



●Immune regulation;

●Menstrual regulation in women;

●Effect on obesity:

●Naringenin powder has obvious therapeutic effect on hyperlipidemia and obesity;

●Scavenging free radicals and antioxidant activity:

●Protect heart;

●It has effect on hypolipidemic.

Package and Delivery:

1~10 Kg packaged by foil bag, and carton outside;

25Kg/paper drum.


We will delivery within 2~3 working days after you order, and more than 500 Kg, we can discuss the date of delivery.

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