Phytosterol Powder

Phytosterol Powder

Name: Phytosterol Food Grade
Plant Origin: Soybeans, pine trees, corn, rapeseed Cosmetic Grade
Plant Origin: Soybeans, pine trees, rapeseed
Specifications: 90%, 95%,99%
Appearance: White Powder
MOQ: 1Kg
Stock: 500 Kg
Delivery Time: Within 2~3 working days after you order
Functions: Food and cosmetic used.
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Product Introduction

We are the most important supplier of phytosterol powder products in the whole market. We focus on sterol products raw material source, research and development in China.It is one of the earliest market promoters and major suppliers of sterol to produce steroidal hormone intermediates in China. After years of accumulation of proprietary technology, we can provide sterol products of various sources, specifications, dosage forms and fields to meet the specific needs of different customers. We also can supply sample order for first time, in order to test our products.

Phytosterol powder is cholesterol compounds that can be found in different plants and related products.  Studies have shown that the substance has a cholesterol-lowering effect.  Sterols can be found in some fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, vegetable oils and other plant products.  

Benefits of Phytosterol:

★Lower cholesterol:

The cholesterol-lowering effects of phytosterols have been studied for half a century.  Studies have shown that the substance is similar in structure to dietary cholesterol derived from animal products.  

When cholesterol and sterols appear together in the digestive system, the latter prevents some cholesterol from being absorbed into the blood. Therefore, experts believe that regular intake of phytosterols can effectively reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.  

Other Functions:

★In addition to lowering cholesterol, phytosterol powder have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, so they are good for people with low cholesterol, too. In addition, some studies have found positive effects on people with type 2 diabetes. 

★Inhibits mammary hyperplasia;

★Regulate Immune;

★Prevention and treatment of prostate diseases.


●Many food manufacturers use phytosterols as additives in processed foods. These include margarine, mayonnaise, cheese, milk, yogurt and salad dressings. The European Food Health Organization says phytosterols added to these foods have some effect on lowering cholesterol, but not on other products. 

Although plant sterols are still limited to the use of oil, bread staple food and salad, but increase in consumption frequency, so the market demand has increased greatly. 

●It can used in cosmetic products. It is used as skin conditioner, softener and moisturizer in cosmetics. Phytosterol has antioxidant, also is nutrition agent at the same time, use in skincare, it has effect on hyperplasia diagonal protein and fibroblast, also can promote the synthesis of collagen protein, used to make anti-aging and anti-wrinkle agent.  

The Coca-Cola beverage Company of the United States developed and produced minicil Meidprem, a 100 percent citrus juice product with phytosterol powder, and began to sell it in December 2003.