Bitter Melon Peptide

Bitter Melon Peptide

Product Name: Bitter Melon Peptide
Appearance: Powder
Specification: 75%
Part Used: Bitter Melon Extract
Solution: Water or Ethyl
Usage: Healthcare Product
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Product Introduction

Product Name: Bitter Melon Extract Powder

Appearance: Powder

Specification: 75%

Part Used: Bitter Melon

Extract Solution: Water or Ethyl

Usage: Healthcare Product


Bitter melon peptide is a bioactivator that extract from the bitter melon. It has the obvious hypoglycemic effect, and is a kind of natural health care product. It has the same function with insulin. It is a bioactive ingredient extracted from the germ of special balsam pear seed. It is composed of 17 kinds of 166 amino acids. It has similar structure and physical and chemical indexes with insulin, and has significant effect on regulating blood glucose. This research result has been confirmed by a number of scientists, and this important scientific and technological achievement has been recognized by the world, and has been confirmed by a large number of domestic and foreign hospitals clinical trials. 

It is a pure natural plant ingredient, which regulates blood glucose by activating insulin and insulin receptor and improving the effective utilization rate of insulin, thus realizing the purpose of blood glucose expression according to the normal physiological and natural law of human body.

Active ingredient bitter melon extract has natural bitter melon peptide, amino acid, charantin, Vitamin C, trypsin inhibitor and so on.

How Does It Work?

It is safe and stable way to regulation of blood sugar.

Step 1: It activates insulin, activate insulin receptor, improve the effective utilization rate of insulin, and make the blood glucose regulation system play a normal role.

Step 2: It regulates the activation of insulin and insulin receptor, restores the normal blood glucose metabolism ability of the body, and realizes the purpose of lowering blood glucose.

Step 3: Regulating metabolic system 

Due to the activation and effective utilization of insulin, the protein metabolism system and lipid metabolism system of the body are gradually adjusted from disordered state to normal state.

Step 4: Stable: As the three metabolic systems of sugar, protein and fat tend to be normal, various regulatory systems in the body gradually enter a virtuous cycle, thus gradually reducing and eliminating all kinds of symptoms in diabetic patients.

Big Functions of it:

It takes effect 30 minutes after entering human body.

It can reduce blood sugar, and can keep 4~8hours.

It is especially more prominent in the control of postprandial blood sugar.

The effect of polypeptide of bitter melon can lower blood sugar is long-lasting time, and do not occur hypoglycemia.


Bitter melon powder is no fillers, no additives in it. 100% pure natural extract.


It is ggood for diabetic patients, let body gradually enter a virtuous cycle.

Applications of Bitter Melon Peptide:

1. Applied in food industry, bitter melon extract powder is mainly used as food additives.

2. Applied in health product, it is mainly used as capsules or pills.

3. Applied in pharmaceutical industry.