Tremella Fuciformis Extract Powder

Tremella Fuciformis Extract Powder

Name: Tremella Fuciformis Extract
Active Ingredient: Polysaccharide 30%
Service: Also can extract purity according to your guide
Test Method: UV
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Stock: 1000 Kg
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Product Introduction

Tremella Fuciformis Extract Powder suppliers. It is one of our main products. We do kinds of mushroom extract powder in market for more than 15 years. Active ingredients are glucan, polysaccharide, we control the quality very strictly and do not add other additives in extract powder.

Characteristics of our Tremella Fuciformis Extract:

●Selected high-quality tremella fruiting body;

●Ultrasonic low temperature extraction is used to ensure the constant activity of the active ingredients;

●Good solubility and easy absorption.

Tremella Fuciformis Extract Powder

What is Tremella Polysaccharide?

Tremella mushroom extract, also named White fungs is a kind of colloidal edible and medicinalfungus. It looks like comb or petals with the color pale yellow oryellow when dried.Tremella fuciformis is crowned "The Top Mushroom".infungus. It is valuable nutritionand tonic. As afamous and medicinal fungi Tremella in ancient times is for food court.Besides, it enjoyed a good reputation in the long Chinese traditional medicine history. Tremella fuciformis extract can benefit the spleen and bowel , increase appetite, and moisten lung.  

Tremella polysaccharide is main ingredient of tremella extract. tremella polysaccharide is a kind of acid heteropolysaccharide, extracted from tremella extract fruiting body. Tremella fuciformis polysaccharide is a basidiomycete polysaccharide immunoenhancer, which can improve the immune function and leukocyte.

The main biological active ingredient in tremella mushroom powder is polysaccharide, which contains a large number of carboxyl, hydroxyl groups and other groups. These polar groups can combine with water molecules to form hydrogen bonds. Therefore, tremella extract has good skin care effects and is known as "plant hyaluronic acid".  

Tremella Fuciformis Extract Powder is widely used in cosmetic market as an effective cosmetic additive.

Tremella Fuciformis Extract

What Main Functions of the Polysaccharide 30%?

1.Tremella fuciformis extract is also very rich in dietary fiber. Water insoluble fiber helps promote soft, bulky stools. Water soluble fiber forms a gel-like material which coats the gastric tract, delays glucose absorption and lowers cholesterol.

2.It is anti-oxidization, restrain hepatitis, reduce bolld sugar and etc.

3.It is used as a nerve tonic and a skin tonic for healthy complexions. It helps relieve chronic tracheitis and other cough syndromes.

4.It is used in the medical field for cancer prevention and immune system enhancement.

5.Tremella fuciformis extract powder is used in skin-care products as a good water-binding agent.

How to use this in cosmetic products?

We advise add 0.3%~2.0% if manufacturer Cleansing cream, toner, essence, lotion, face cream, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.