What is Olive Leaf Extract Powder Good For

2024-05-07 21:29:40

Olive leaf extract powder is popular in healthcare field. Active ingredients are extracted from the olive leaf. It has too much antioxidant compound although leaf does not be processed. So we can consider how big functions of the extract powder. Main ingredients are oleuropein, hydroxytyrosine, and other polyphenols and flavones, give the olive leaves a bitter and pungent taste. In fact, the extract is known to have been used for therapeutic purposes before 1000 BC. During that time, it was used to prepare a variety of foods, especially in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Let’s talk about more function of this powder.

What Benefits of It?

Scientists have already found that extract powder has many good functions for human body. Because it contain too much antioxidant, this plant essence helps to resist free radical that hurt human cells. Therefore, it has function to repair damaged cells. Commercially, it helps treat age-related problems, stimulate and improved immune system and treat bacterial infections. You can sell this it in powders, capsules or concentrated solution.


Character of Antibacterial:

The new research found that extract from the leaf has the function to resist microbes. Because it has calcium arnolate compounds. This substance has powerful anti-bacterial and antiviral effects, which can prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading disease further.

Therapeutic Use:

Treatment diseases caused by pathogens such as colds, flu, herpes, shingles, meningitis, tuberculosis, urinary tract infections, malaria, blood poisoning and surgical site infections. Medical researchers also believe it helps lower blood pressure and improves circulation. In addition, it reduces bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol.

But What Side Effects of It?

Until now, no serious side effects have been associated with the use of olive leaf extract powder. However, in the case of excessive intake, it may cause toxic reactions such as headache, body pain, muscle pain, fatigue, cold and diarrhea. So it is must use this powder in suit dosage or follow your doctor's advice. It is best to drink plenty of water after taking this extract To avoid unnecessary negative effects.

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