Does Coenzyme Q10 Extract Actually Work

2024-05-07 22:16:02

Coenzyme q10 extract also called ubiquinone, is a yellow or light yellow crystal powder, it is unstable in acidic, alkaline, high temperature and oxidizing environment. It is more soluble in weak polar solvents and lipids. It is a kind of lipopolysaccharide quinone in nature. Its structure is similar to vitamin K, vitamin E and plastoquinone.It is involved in energy production and activation in human body cells, and is the most effective antioxidant ingredient to prevent the formation of atherosclerosis.

Coenzyme Q10 was discovered in 1957 and recognized as a chemical structure by Dr. Carrufus in 1958. He received the highest honor, Priestly Medal, of the American Chemical Society and was called the father of the study of coenzyme Q10. He suggested that coenzyme Q10 played an important role in the function of the heart.

The specific role can be embodied in the following four aspects:

●Help to protect heart: coenzyme Q10 is helpful to provide sufficient oxygen to myocardium and prevent sudden heart disease, coenzyme Q10 plays a important role in process of myocardial hypoxia.


●Skin care: Long-term use of coenzyme Q10 can effectively prevent skin aging and reduce facial wrinkles.

●Antifatigue: Coenzyme Q10 keeps cells in good health, so the body is full of vitality and energy.The biological activity of coenzyme Q10 mainly comes from the REDOX properties of its quinone ring and physicochemical properties of its side chain. It is a natural antioxidant produced by cells themselves and a promoter of cell metabolism. It has the function of protecting and restoring the integrity of biofilm structure and stabilizing membrane potential. It is a non-specific immune booster of the body, so it shows excellent anti-fatigue effect.

●Anticancer: studies have shown that coenzyme Q10 extract has anti-tumor effects and has certain clinical efficacy for advanced metastatic cancer.