Phytosphingosine Powder Fights Bacterial Adhesion and Reduces Plaque

2024-05-18 23:22:45

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Phytosphingosine is one of the components of the skin barrier, the precursor of ceramide, a natural broad-spectrum antibacterial agent, and the guardian of the skin's microecological balance. It can promote ceramide production and keratinocyte maturation, and strengthen the barrier. It can inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins, relieve pain and redness. Because it is extremely difficult to extract, relevant data shows that only 1 kg of phytosphingosine can be extracted from 1 ton of high-quality organic wheat, so it is named "plant soft gold". We have rich experience and high technology to manufacture it, we supply best phytosphingosine powder price in the whole market.


Cosmetic ingredient parties are familiar with the application of "phytosphingosine powder" ingredients in cosmetics for skin efficacy. Phytosphingosine is an artifact for brightening the skin. It is mainly manifested in the fact that phytosphingosine has a strong antioxidant effect and has a significant protective effect on skin free radical damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, reducing Decomposition of collagen, accumulation of keratin, improving rough skin. But its application in the oral field is equally promising.

First of all, phytosphingosine can play a role in anti-bacterial adhesion. Due to this function, the formation of dental plaque will also be inhibited to a certain extent.

Is phytosphingosine really so powerful that it can resist bacterial adhesion and build an antibacterial barrier on the tooth surface?

Floris J. Bikker and other scholars have published relevant literature on phytosphingosine anti-bacterial adhesion on Caries Research. Through experimental control analysis, one of the saliva culture fluids was added with PHS (that is, phytosphingosine), and a group without Add PHS. The figure below shows that in the medium channel without PHS treatment, the first microbial adhesion (as shown in the shaded part) appeared after 15 minutes, and as time went by, the adhered cells accumulated and developed into a more complex biofilm. For PHS-treated surfaces, almost no bacterial adhesion was observed within 16 hours (as shown in the figure below).

Secondly, phytosphingosine has a bactericidal and antibacterial function on oral bacteria. In the oral cavity, there are many microorganisms, which is the second largest microbial habitat in the human body after the intestinal tract. Like other parts of the body, the oral cavity is also inhabited by bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and there are more than 1,000 species. Among them, the common bacteria that cause oral gingivitis, periodontal disease and dental caries include Porphyromonas gingivalis, Fusobacterium nucleatum, Streptococcus mutans, Actinobacillus actinomycetes, etc.

The effective antibacterial ingredient added to the mouthwash has phytosphingosine powder, which has a 99.9% antibacterial rate against the above-mentioned four bacteria that easily cause oral problems. In the case of daily use of mouthwash for 30 seconds, it can effectively care for the overall oral health.

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