Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Powder Reduce Belly Fat

2024-05-10 21:52:38

We advise use green coffee bean extract powder to weight loss and it has no side effect on the body. But why it can weight loss?


Chlorogenic acid, the main ingredient in green coffee beans, is thought to affect how the body processes metabolism and blood sugar. Chlorogenic acid is a kind of phenylpropanoids produced by plants during aerobic respiration.  Chlorogenic acid is found in plants such as the ductile family, the honeysuckle family, and especially the common honeysuckle. Chlorogenic acid can be used for weight loss because it suppresses the glucose-6-phosphatase enzyme after a meal, thus reducing the release of glucose into the bloodstream and allowing the body to absorb less sugar.


Studies in animals (mice and rats) showed that the compound can help reduce body weight, as well as decrease fat absorbed from the diet. Chlorogenic acid may also help reduce fat stored in the liver and improve the function of adiponectin, the fat-burning hormone. Several studies suggested that caffeine can increase metabolism by up to 3-11 per cent.

How to Use Chlorogenic Acid for Weight Loss?

When you buy healthcare products to weight loss, should check the contents of the chlorogenic acid in it, the better one can reach more than 45%. 

There is no accurate dosage to use green coffee bean extract powder every day, should take it according to the label in the products. And must coordinate healthy foods, take exercise every day, to achieve the goal of losing weight.