Wheat Germ Extract Powder

Wheat Germ Extract Powder

Name: Wheat Germ Extract
Active Ingredient: Spermidin Powder
Specifications: 0.2%, 0.5%,1%
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Product Introduction

Wheat germ extract powder is one of nutritious food additives in whole market. Germ is the root of wheat life and the most nutritious part of wheat. Wheat is the source of life, also known as the precious of five grains.  Wheat germ is the core and life of wheat, the plant called embryo, equivalent to the placenta of animals. Although it only accounts for 2% of the weight of the wheat grain, but the nutrition accounts for 97% of the whole wheat grain, which contains more than 50 kinds of rich nutrition needed by the human body and some trace physiological active ingredients that have not been discovered by today's science. It has extremely high nutritional value and medicinal value. The magical effect of wheat germ on human health has been recognized by the world.

Wheat Germ Extract Powder

Wheat germ extract powder also contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, chromium, selenium, phosphorus, manganese, copper and other minerals and trace elements.  The pigment in wheat germ is wheat flavone, which is a water-soluble pigment and has a good therapeutic function for cardiovascular diseases.

Functions and Applications:

Wheat Germ Extract Spermidin can support autophagy, it is a self-cleaning process that takes place in the body's cells and is associated with a healthy immune system, as well as anti-aging.

The new ingredient also provides other nutrients, such as folic acid, which plays a role in immune defense, and vitamin E, which protects cells and is a classic anti-aging ingredient, as well as nutritious vegetable proteins and fats.

Wheat germ extract can be easily incorporated into existing recipes and product innovations.  It is also possible, to achieve the effects of folic acid supporting the immune system and vitamin E protecting cells if taken in sufficient doses.

Wheat Germ Oil

Natural vitamin E has very high in wheat germ extract and is an excellent antioxidant and emollient. Natural vitamin E is easily absorbed by the skin, can promote the normal development of muscle and skin metabolism, so as to maintain skin elasticity, keep skin and body vitality;  At the same time natural vitamin E still can enter skin cell to help skin fight against free radical, ultraviolet ray and contaminant directly encroach on, prevent pigmentation precipitate, stop skin lose flexibility until aging caused by a few chronic or recessive harm.

Other possible benefits may include:

* Promote fat loss and healthy weight

* Normalize bone density

* Reduce age-dependent muscular atrophy

* Enhance the growth of hair, skin, and nails.

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