How much Olive Leaf Extract Powder Oleuropein Should I Take

2024-05-11 22:15:33

Main active ingredient olive leaf extract powder is oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol powder, they are very popular used in healthcare products, cosmetic products and so on.


Uses and Pharmacology:

●Antioxidant activity:

Animal data:

In vitro studies have demonstrated the antioxidant activity of olive leaf extracts. 

Studies in rodents have shown antioxidant activity in brain tissue injury, gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity, reperfusion injury, major organ injury, and induced gastric ulceration, as well as in other conditions.

Clinical data:

The oral bioavailability of olive leaf extract and associated antioxidant biomarkers was evaluated in pre- and postmenopausal women. The findings suggest that postmenopausal status increases the production of olive leaf extract metabolites. In young healthy volunteers, supplementation with olive leaf extract did not alter oxidative status, and wide interperson variability was seen.


Olive leaf extract is a broad - spectrum antibacterial ingredient taken orally.  By far the most active substance identified in olive leaves is oleuropein, a class of bitter monosaponins classified as iridoids. Oleuropein and its hydrolysate have unique significance for the antibacterial function of olive leaves.

Animal data:

In rat, mice, and rabbit studies, olive leaf extract decreased the production of proinflammatory cytokines. Studies have included models of osteoarthritis, colitis, wound healing, and gout (xanthine oxidase inhibition).

How much Olive Leaf Extract Powder Oleuropein Should I Take?

Traditional dosages of olive leaf include 7 to 8 g of dry leaf in 150 mL water.73 Many commercial preparations of olive leaf and its extracts are available and vary in strength. The 500 and 750 mg capsules contain approximately oleuropein 20 mg per capsule. In 1 clinical trial, patients with stage 1 hypertension were administered 500 mg of olive leaf extract twice daily for 8 weeks. A crossover study of overweight men used oleuropein 51.1 mg and hydroxytyrosol 9.7 mg daily for 12 weeks.


Based on studies with healthy volunteers, olive leaf extract powder appear to be more bioavailable in liquid than in capsule or tablet form, with wide individual variation.