Is L Carnitine (R)-3-Hydroxy-4-(trimethylammonio)butyrate A Fat Burner

2024-04-28 22:14:32


L carnitine is best known as the weight loss powder. Also named (R)-3-Hydroxy-4-(trimethylammonio)butyrate. It is truth, it has health traditional fat burner powder. But how does it work to weight loss? It can be absorbed quickly into the body. It is an amino acids that promotes the conversion of fats into energy. Different kinds of diet contain 5 to 100 mg, but common people can get it 50 mg from the diet, if you are vegetarian, you will get little from the daily diet. Taking carnitine can reduce body fat and weight without reducing water and muscle in same time. So it is a very perfect way to weight loss, we do not need to worry about the health of body when you decide to lose weight.

Many researchers found that this powder has good effect on adult. It can help body adipose quicken to use up, additional, compensatory right amount of powder, can accelerate adipose metabolism, then achieve the aim to weight loss.

But I want to say this powder is not a weight loss medicine, Its main function is to transport fat to mitochondria for combustion, which is a carrier enzyme. We must cooperate proper motion, control food if we want to use l carnitine (R)-3-Hydroxy-4-(trimethylammonio)butyrate to weight loss.

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