Collagen Peptide

Collagen Peptide

Name: Collagen Peptide
Appearance: Powder or granular
Color: off white
Soluble: Water
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Stock: 500 Kg
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Functions: Food and Cosmetics used
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Product Introduction

Collagen polypeptide is hydrolyzed by enzymatic method of collagen protein chain, and then extracted to become soluble hydrolyzed collagen. Peptide is easy to absorb by human body. The main form of protein absorbed by the human body is not amino acids, but polypeptides. Collagen peptide is highly digestible. This powder is It is granular or powder form. And granular form is more easy to soluble than powder form. Collagen Tripeptide, (CTP ) also contains in this powder the purity can reach more than 5%. Many people think eat too much chicken feet can keep skin whitening because they think it has too much peptide, but it is wrong, that collagen in food has a very large molecular weight, it is very difficult to absorbed by body. Skin really needs is actually a collagen made up of three amino acid molecules called collagen-tripeptide.The molecular weight of CTP collagen tripeptide is very small, and the molecular weight of CTP collagen tripeptide is only 280 Dalton, which is the smallest in the world. It has the same basic structure as skin collagen and does not need to be decomposed. It can be directly absorbed by skin with the absorption rate up to 99%, which is 36 times higher than ordinary collagen.

8 Points Benefits of Collagen Peptide Powder:

●Moisturizing: Collagen tripeptide contains hydrophilic natural moisturizing factor, and the stable three-helix structure can strongly lock up the water, so that the skin always stay moist snd tender. Collagen powder and collagen tripeptide have the role of moisturizing, because CTP contains small molecular weight part, and contains large molecular weight part, so it not only has the same skin care role, and more stable and obvious. The moisture content of cuticle was characterized by the conductance value measured by impedance instrument. The results showed that the application of CTP not only retained moisture, but also increased its moisture content, which played a role in moisture retention.

●Nourish: collagen tripeptide of the permeability of skin is more stronger than collagen, it can be combined through the stratum corneum and the epithelial cells of the skin, participation and improve the skin cell's metabolism, make the activity strength of skin collagen, maintain the integrity of the stratum corneum moisture and fiber structure, improve the skin cell survival environment and promote the metabolism of skin tissue, enhance the blood circulation, achieve the goal of nourish skin.+9

●Brightening: The skin's luster depends on the water content. Collagen tripeptide has a good water-retaining ability to make the skin moist, shiny and radiant.

●Firming: When the collagen tripeptide is absorbed by the skin, it fills the dermis of the skin to increase the tightness of the skin, generate skin tension, shrink pores, and make the skin tight and elastic.

●Anti-wrinkle: The dermis contains plump collagen layer, and supplementing collagen tripeptide can more effectively hold up the skin cells, combined with the effect of moisturizing and inhibiting wrinkles, to jointly reach the effect of stretching rough lines and desalting fine lines.

●Repair: Collagen tripeptide can directly penetrate into the bottom layer of skin, and has a good affinity with surrounding tissues, which can help cells to produce collagen and promote the normal growth of skin cells.

●Nutrition: Collagen tripeptide has strong permeability to the skin. It can bind to the skin epithelial cells through the stratum corneum, participate in and improve the metabolism of skin cells, and strengthen the collagen activity in the skin.It can maintain the integrity of the stratum corneum moisture and fiber structure, improve the living environment of skin cells and promote the metabolism of skin tissues, enhance blood circulation, aim to achieve the purpose of moisturizing the skin.

●Breast enhancement: Hydroxyproline is unique in collagen tripeptide, which has the function of tightening connective tissue, making loose tissue become firm, supporting sagging breasts, making breasts straight, plump and elastic.

Applications of the Collagen Peptide Powder:

●Applied in Cosmetics Products:

It is used to make skin whitening products, Moisturize, nourish, brighten, tighten, anti-wrinkle and repair cosmetics cream. Also very popular in shampoo, facial cleanse and other products.

●Used in Food Industry:

CTP can be used for oral cosmetic food, anti-aging food, calcium supplement food, body-building food and food for special groups (such as regulating female endocrine disorders, promoting gastric ulcer healing, etc.).As a food additive, it can be used in ordinary food, as an improvers for meat products, frozen food, dairy products, etc., to make the product have better properties and better taste.

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