Where to Buy Phytosphingosine Powder

Xi An Chen Lang Bio Tech Co., Ltd is a phytosphingosine powder manufacturer in China. We mainly supply this raw material to foreign countries. "Phytosphingosine" is one of the skin barrier components and the precursor of ceramide. It is a natural broad-spectrum antibacterial agent and the guardian of the skin's micro-ecological balance. It can promote ceramide production and keratinocyte maturation, and strengthen the barrier. Inhibition Synthesis of prostaglandins, relieve pain and redness. We can supply high quality phytosphingosine and supply competitive phytosphingosine powder price in the whole market.

Cosmetic ingredient parties are familiar with the application of "phytosphingosine" ingredients in cosmetics for skin efficacy. Phytosphingosine is an artifact for brightening the skin. It is mainly manifested in the fact that phytosphingosine has a strong antioxidant effect and has a significant protective effect on skin free radical damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. It can decrease decomposition of collagen, accumulation of keratin, improve rough skin. It also has big application in the oral field.


●First, phytosphingosine can play a role in anti-bacterial adhesion;

Due to this function, the formation of dental plaque will also be inhibited to a certain extent.

●Secondly, phytosphingosine has a bactericidal and antibacterial function on oral bacteria.

Relevant data show that phytosphingosine powder has a bacteriostatic rate of 99.9%.

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