Palmatine Powder

Palmatine Powder

Name: Palmatine
CAS: 3486-67-7
Molecular Formula: C21H22N+O4
Molecular Weight: 352.40400
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Product Introduction

What is Palmatine?

Palmatine powder has obviously curative effect on protection the myocardial infarction. Otherwise, it has the function of anti-arrhythmia, antisepticise, bacteriostasis, anti- virus and so on. Palmatine is extracted from the plant of common fibraurea stem,completely natural. Now in China, it has been collected to CP, and it is very popular known as Fibrauretin. It also goes on the name of Berbericinine, Columbin, Palmatine, Calystigine.


Main Functions of Palmatine:

1. Gynecological inflammation: acute and chronic pelvic inflammation, acute and chronic accessory inflammation, cervical erosion,endometritis, mycotoxic vaginitis, puerperal infection, etc.

2. Urinary tract infection;

3. Surgical infection and eye conjunctivitis;

4. General health for respiratory tract infection.

Palmatine tablets

Application of Palmatine Powder:

This powder applied in pharmaceutical feild. It has been studied for its potential use in the treatment of jaundice, dysentery, hypertension, inflammation, and liver-related diseases. This compound also has weak in vitro activity against flavivirus.

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