Chromium Nicotinate

Chromium Nicotinate

Name: Chromium Nicotinate Powder
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Functions: Medical and health care products, food additives.
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Product Introduction

Chromium nicotinate is a trivalent chromium compound widely used in dietary health care products, mainly for controlling blood sugar and reducing body weight. Compared with chromium picolinate, it is the safest and most effective way to provide chromium for human body.

Chromium-bound nicotinic acid forms this compound, therefore which is more readily absorbed after ingestion. This is why chromium nicotinate supplement widely used as a nutritional supplement to treat health problems such as diabetes and obesity.  


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  • Name: Chromium Nicotinate Powder

  • CAS: 64452-96-6

  • Appearance: Grey crystal powder

  • Molecular Formula: C18H12CrN3O6

  • Molecular Weight: 418.33

  • Spec: 98.5%

Chromium Nicotinate Powder Benefits:

★Controlling blood sugar levels:

This compound promotes many important biological functions in the body.  It provides chromium, one of the most important trace minerals that plays a big role in metabolizing sugar and fat.  Chromium is needed to control blood sugar levels, as well as to synthesize and metabolize cholesterol.

This mineral helps insulin synthesis and enhances its ability to maintain normal blood sugar levels.  Therefore, chromium health care products are mainly used to stabilize the blood sugar level of diabetic patients. It has been shown to improve glucose tolerance and reduce insulin resistance.  

In addition to regulating blood sugar levels, this chromium compound helps build muscle, regulates blood cholesterol levels, and boosts protein synthesis.  

★Researchers have found that chromium nicotinate for weight loss products.

Chromium Nicotinate Side Effects:

●It supplements do not cause any serious side effects when taken in moderation. The recommended daily intake for adults is 50-200 micrograms, but people who want to lose weight need a higher dose. 

However, in high doses, this supplement can cause side effects.  Prolonged high levels of chromium can even damage the kidneys and lead to kidney failure.  


●Excessive intake of chromium can cause liver insufficiency, gastrointestinal problems, nausea, dizziness, headaches and anemia.

●To ensure safety, it is recommended to consult your doctor to determine the correct intake of chromium supplements. At the same time, we should take foods which contain chromium into account, Such as meat, whole grains, cheese, broccoli, tea, yeast and mushrooms and so on.

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