Is Pure Natural Green Tea Extract Good for Skin

2024-05-12 11:48:03

Pure natural green tea extract can truly be a miracle skincare ingredient when used consistently as part of your regimen and it is easy to incorporate it into your routine! It can help improve your skin's natural moisture, fight acne, unclog pores, and reduce inflammation that makes your face look puffy.

Let’s talk more about the functions of the green tea extract on skin.



Tea polyphenols in green tea has a strong antioxidant effect, its antioxidant capacity is 4~6 times of synthetic antioxidant BHT, BHA, 6~7 times of vitamin E, 5~10 times of vitamin C, applied in skin care products can help remove free radicals, reduce skin sunburn and aging caused by ultraviolet radiation.

●Anti-inflammatory and soothing:

The tea polyphenols found in green tea have natural astringent and antibacterial properties that not only cleanse the skin, but also protect it from damage.  In addition, the theanine contained in green tea also has a calming effect, helping to relax the nerves, soothing the body, skin care and sensory enjoyment.

●Detoxification and Purification:

Pure natural green tea extract is rich in vitamins, which can effectively inhibit the activity of melanocytes and promote blood circulation.  For the white-collar workers who face computer for a long time, the anti-radiation effect of green tea can also help sweep away dark skin, improve dark dumb, so that the skin is fully white and healthy texture.  

●Soften the skin:

Green tea can help soften your skin and even improve your complexion.

●Uv resistance:

Tea polyphenols is water-soluble substances, wash your face with tea can remove greasy face, convergence pores, has the function of disinfection, sterilization, anti-aging skin, and help to reduce the uv damage to the skin in the sun, is a natural "sunscreen".

●Resist radiation:

Tea polyphenols and their oxides can absorb some radioactive materials, protect cells from radiation damage and help repair damaged cells.


The main reason why green tea has so many effects is that pure natural green tea extract powder has rich in nutrients.