What is Turkesterone Powder? The Newest Supplement In the Whole Market Improve Immunity

2024-05-12 14:20:24

Turkesterone Powder is one of many types of ecdysteroids, which are basically the plant and insect equivalent of hormones like testosterone,” Nippard says. Humans produce testosterone, plants and insects produce turkesterone.

If that is the case, and testosterone can help with building muscle for humans, then perhaps the plant and insect version of testosterone can be used for muscle building as well. So studies began to pop up regarding turkesterone.


So far, only a few studies have looked at turkesterone, but the results are encouraging.  These studies show that turkesterone powder may help boost lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, improve protein synthesis, aid muscle hypertrophy and increase strength.  These effects imply that turkesterone may act as a receptor agonist, triggering anabolic and adaptive responses, while the underlying fat and carbohydrate metabolic effects may contribute to fat reduction and maintenance of healthy body composition.

Doses Advice:

The effective dose of turkesterone in humans is uncertain. However, a preliminary human study showed that athletes who took 800 mg of turkesterone daily for 10 weeks reported muscle hypertrophy and increased strength, gaining an average of 3.2 kg of lean muscle mass over 10 weeks. Turkesterone is usually sold as a pill.

If you want to learn more about that, please check out the video below.  

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