Magnolia Bark Extract Powder

Magnolia Bark Extract Powder

Name: Magnolia Bark Extract
Active Ingredient: Magnolol, Honokiol, Magnolol+ Honokiol
Specifications: 10%, 90%, 95%, 98%
MOQ: 1Kg
Stock: 550 Kg
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Product Introduction

Magnolia Bark Extract Powder is one of our main products. We research and manufacturer this powder about 15 years. We have rich experience to produce this powder, all purity of active ingredients in magnolia bark we control them very strictly. We have very rigorous approach to manufacturer herbal plant extract powder, from raw herbal to finished powder, we do our best to control the quality.

About the active ingredient of the Magnolia Bark Extract Powder, we control them:

Magnolol 10%~98%, Honokiol 10%~98%, Magnolol+ Honokiol 98% and so on. The color from brownish yellow to white, it is very good fine powder. You can test the purity of our powder freely.

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Our Raw  Magnolia Bark

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Natural Extract Honokiol 98%

What is magnolia bark extract good for?

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Magnolia bark extract powder appears to have many potential benefits, including anticancer properties, improved sleep, treatment of menopause symptoms, relief of stress and anxiety, and protection against oxidation and inflammation.