Garlic Extract Powder

Garlic Extract Powder

Name: Garlic Extract
Specifications: 100:1, 1%, 2%
Active Ingredient: Allicin
Test Method: HPLC
Package : 25kgs/drum or 1kg/bag
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Product Introduction

Garlic Extract powder is allicin. There are three ways to extract allicin. They are water steam distillation solvent leaching and Supercritical CO2. The supercritical extraction of allicin had the best stability, yield and quality. The extraction was more than 92% and the purity of allicin was up to 84%.  

Main Functions of the Allicin:

●Antimicrobial wide, strong bacteriostasis:

Allicin has a strong killing effect on both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, and can effectively inhibit the occurrence of chronic diseases in fish, livestock and poultry.

Garlic powder

●Seasoning induces feeding and improves feed quality. 

With strong and pure garlic smell, it can replace other flavor agents in feed.  It can improve the peculiar smell of feed, stimulate fish, livestock and poultry to produce strong luring effect, so that increase the appetite, and feed intake.  

●Enhance immunity and promote the healthy growth of livestock, poultry and fish. 

Adding appropriate amount of allicin in the feed can make the animals have bright fur, healthy body, better disease resistance, reduce feed consumption, increase egg production of laying hens, promote the growth of fish, livestock and poultry, and improve the survival rate.

●Improve animal quality:

Adding appropriate amount of allicin in the feed can effectively regulate the formation of amino acids stimulating the production of flavor in meat, increase the production of flavor components of animal meat or eggs, so as to make the flavor of animal meat or eggs more delicious.  

●It has detoxification, insect repellent, mildew - proof and fresh.

Data of the Garlic Extract Powder:

ash content<5%

heavy metal



pesticide residueNegative
mesh size80 mesh
loss on drying≤5%

garlic extract powder

Applications of the Garlic Extract:

★Prevent atherosclerosis and protect the heart from attack

It has the functions of clearing distemper, detoxification, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis;

★Typical antibiotics and bactericidal properties;

★Antiviral effect

Reducing blood lipid, blood pressure, blood glucose and anti-platelet agglutination;

★Enhance the activity of lysofibrinase, inhibit and kill tumor cells, prevent and cure tumors;

★It can resist hemorrhage;

★Garlic Extract powder used in Health care and growth promotion.


Herbal plant extract powder always used double food grade plastic bag inside, aluminum foil bag or paper drum outside.

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