Walnut Peptide

Walnut Peptide

Name: Walnut Peptide Powder
MOQ: 10Kg
Purity: 99% +
Package: 10Kg/Box
Stock: 600 Kg
Delivery Time: Within 2~3 working days after you order
Payment Way: TT, Bank Transfer
Functions: Functional food ingredients
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Product Introduction

Walnut peptide is a kind of high purity protein content and polypeptide content of nutrients that prepared by oil removal and enzymatic hydrolysis. The small molecule peptide was extracted from walnut protein by directional enzyme digestion and low temperature membrane separation.  It is rich in 8 kinds of amino acids essential for human body, which is a new kind of nutrient. Walnut peptide has good nutritional properties, and it is a promising and safe functional food raw material.



●It can be used as food raw materials in the processing of meat products, dairy products, cold drinks and baked foods to improve the texture quality and flavor of food and increase the nutritional value of food.

●Walnut peptide used as food additive, feed additive, fertilizer additive, cosmetics raw materials, etc.


10 Kg/Box, 25Kg/Paper drum


Storage Condition:

Please keep in cool and dry place, shelf life: 24 Months.

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