Pure Natural Green Tea Extract

Pure Natural Green Tea Extract

Product Name: Pure Natural Green Tea Extract
Color: Brownish Yellow, or light green
Part Use: green tea leaf
Test Method: HPLC
Molecular Formula: C22H18O11
Molecular Weight: 458.4
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Product Introduction

Green tea is the second largest beverage demanded by consumers worldwide. Used in China and India for its medicinal effects. Tea Polyphenols is the main active ingredient of green tea extract. Pure natural green tea extract powder has many functions in our daily life. It is a great source of antioxidants. And many scientists have found green tea extract have a good way to weight loss.

green tea

Product Name

Green Tea Polyphenols


Brownish Yellow, or light green

Part Use

green tea leaf

Test Method


Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


GTP is main ingredient in green tea, Accounting for about 30% of the dry matter, THE GTP is extracted from tea scraps (tea dust, tea slices, raw tea or leaves). The original structure of GTP was retained because we use the food grade ethyl acetate to do extract, the color is light yellow powder. The main component is composed of theine, which accounts for about 60%~80% of the total GTP.

Main Functions of Pure Natural Green Tea Extract?

●Anti-oxidants function is the most effect way of green tea extract. Antioxidants can help reduce oxidative stress by fighting cell damage caused by free radicals. This cell damage is associated with aging and several diseases; Tea polyphenols can block the lipid peroxidation process and improve activity of enzyme in human body, thus playing an important role to anti-mutation and anti-cancer effect.

●It has good effect on Brain. Because EGCG is the main contents from the green tea extract, it protect brain cells from oxidative stress;

●Good effect way on antihyperlipidemic. Tea polyphenols can significantly reduce the serum total cholesterol, triglyceride, low density lipoprotein cholesterol content of hyperlipidemia, and at the same time has the function of restoring and protecting the vascular endothelial function.The effect of reducing blood fat of tea polyphenols is also one of the main reasons that tea leaves can make obese people lose weight.

●Detoxification sterilization: Tea polyphenols can kill botulinum and spores and inhibit the activity of bacterial exotoxin.It has antibacterial effect on all kinds of pathogenic bacteria that causing diarrhea, respiratory tract and skin infection.

Antialcoholism and liver protection function: Alcoholic liver damage is mainly free radical damage caused by ethanol. To be as a free radical scavenger, tea polyphenols can inhibit alcoholic liver damage.

●Improve body immunity: By increasing the total amount of human immunoglobulin and keeping it at a high level, tea polyphenols stimulate the change of antibody activity so as to improve people's overall immune ability and promote the body's self-conditioning function.

●It is a natural way to weight loss. It has catechins in green tea extract.

●Anti-cancer: Tea polyphenols can inhibit the DNA synthesis of tumor cells, induce the DNA fragmentation of mutations, thus inhibiting the synthesis rate of tumor cells and further inhibiting the growth and proliferation of tumors.




Applications of Pure Natural Green Tea Extract powder:

●As a natural antioxidant for food: tea polyphenols has been widely used in the market, it is obviously superior to synthetic antioxidants such as BHA, BHT, TBHQ, PG, VE and VC, etc. which is safe and competitive.

●As a good additive in cosmetics and daily chemicals: it has a strong antibacterial and enzyme inhibition effect. So, it can prevent and cure skin disease, skin allergy effect, skin pigment, prevent caries tooth, tooth spot, periodontitis and halitosis.