Black Rice Extract

Black Rice Extract

Name: Black rice P.E.
Active Ingredient: Anthocyanin
Spec: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%
Package: 25Kg/Paper drum, 1Kg/Aluminium foil bag
MOQ: 1Kg
Certificate: GMP, ISO, FDA,COA, MSDS
Shelf life: 24 Months
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Product Introduction

Black rice has a long history of planting and is an ancient and precious rice variety in China. We do black rice extract powder for many years, the active ingredient in black rice is anthocyanin powder.

Characteristics of the Black Rice Extract Powder:

100% Pure Natural Extract;

Real purity of the Anthocyanin Powder;

NON GMO, No additives, No fillers


Main Functions of the Black Rice Extract Powder:

●Anti-aging, prevention of arteriosclerosis:

The outer layer of black rice contains anthocyanin pigments, which have strong anti-aging effects. Studies at home and abroad have shown that the darker the color of rice, the stronger the anti-aging effect of epidermal pigment, and the effect of black rice pigment is the strongest among all colors of rice. In addition, this pigment is also rich in flavonoid active substances, is five times more than white rice, so has a great role to prevent atherosclerosis.

●Health and Fitness:

Black rice has the role of health care, suitable for chronic patients, patients in the recovery period and children have a good tonic effect, and also conducive to the development of children's bones and brain, promote the recovery of parturient women, the weak after illness.

pure black rice extract powder●Prolong life:

Black rice can significantly improve the content of hemoglobin in human body, which is beneficial to the health care of cardiovascular system. Regular consumption of black rice can black hair and skin, prolongs life.

●Control blood pressure and reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases:

The potassium, magnesium and other minerals in black rice extract powder can also help to control blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, people with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases can take black rice as part of their diet.