Deoxycholic Acid Powder

Deoxycholic Acid Powder

Name: Deoxycholic acid
CAS: 83-44-3
Purity: 98%+
MOQ: 1Kg
Package: 1Kg/Aluminum foil bag, 25Kg/Paper drum
Ship Time: Within 2~3 working days after you order
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Product Introduction

What is Deoxycholic Acid Powder?

Deoxycholic Acid, often abbreviated as DCA, is a secondary bile acid formed in the liver by the bacterial action in the intestine and typically occurs as a white or pale yellow crystalline powder. DCA is known for its role in the emulsification and absorption of fats and vitamins in the digestive tract, facilitating efficient nutrient uptake and cholesterol management. It is essential in medical and therapeutic applications, particularly in the treatment of gallstones and for cosmetic procedures to reduce submental fat.

At CHENLANGBIO, this compound is produced under rigorous conditions, adhering to the highest standards of quality, using both synthetic and natural sources. Our decades-long expertise in botanical and biochemical extraction ensures that every batch of Deoxycholic Acid meets the needs of the most demanding projects and clients.

Why Choose Us?

CHENLANGBIO stands out in the botanical extraction industry due to:

Experienced R&D Team: Our team leads with innovation in botanical and biochemical research.

GMP-Certified Production Facilities: We maintain the highest standards of quality and safety in production.

Natural Raw Materials: We use sustainable natural sources to ensure the safety and ecological responsibility of our products.

Professional Service Team: We offer comprehensive support from consultation to post-sale service.

High Production Capacity: With the capability to produce over 600 tons annually, we efficiently handle large orders.

Extensive Certifications: Our operations are certified under ISO 9001-2015, and our products meet the standards of ISO 22000, FAMI-QS, BRC, HALAL, and Kosher.


Parameter Specification
Appearance White or pale yellow crystalline powder
Solubility Soluble in alcohol, moderately in water
Source Synthetic/Bovine
Purity ≥ 98%
Packaging 25kg/drum or as required
Storage Conditions Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

Product Applications

Deoxycholic Acid is highly valued across several fields for its beneficial properties:

Therapeutic Agent: Enhances the breakdown and absorption of dietary fats, aids in the reduction of cholesterol in the bloodstream, and facilitates the natural digestion process.

Pharmaceutical Ingredient: Used in drugs that reduce cholesterol levels, manage gallstones, and are part of treatments for other hepatic conditions.

Cosmetic Applications: Employed in minimally invasive procedures to dissolve submental fat, offering a non-surgical solution for reducing double chins.

Research Tool: Crucial in studies focusing on lipid metabolism, cholesterol management, and the pharmacokinetics of bile acids.

Application Areas

Deoxycholic Acid is integral in various sectors, reflecting its wide-ranging utility:

Medical Sector: Used in the formulation of treatments for liver diseases and gallbladder disorders.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Essential in medications that affect cholesterol levels and bile acid dynamics.

Cosmetic Industry: Active ingredient in aesthetic treatments for body contouring.

Academic and Clinical Research: Valuable for in-depth studies on bile acid behavior and its effects on metabolic health.

Quality Standards and Certification

CHENLANGBIO is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards, ensuring product integrity and compliance:

ISO 9001-2015: Certifies our adherence to quality management practices.

ISO 22000: Affirms our dedication to food safety management systems.

FAMI-QS: Ensures quality and safety in feed ingredients.

BRC: Global standards for food safety compliance.

HALAL and Kosher Certifications: Our products meet strict religious dietary standards.

Packaging and Transportation

Our Deoxycholic Acid is carefully packaged in 25kg drums with robust double-layer polyethylene inner liners, guaranteeing product stability and quality during storage and transport.

Contact Us

For personalized solutions or more detailed information about our Deoxycholic Acid Powder, please reach out to us at At CHENLANGBIO, we are dedicated to fulfilling your specific needs with unparalleled service and product quality.