Pterostilbene Powder

Pterostilbene Powder

Name: Pterostilbene
Specification: 99%
CAS: 537-42-8
Appearance: White Powder
MOQ: 1Kg
Stock: 500 Kg
Package: 1Kg/foil bag, 25Kg/paper drum
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Product Introduction

Pterostilbene Powder Introduction

Pterostilbene powder provider. It is a pterostilbene intensifies which is found from the blueberry. Following quite a while of examinations on animals,the American Researchers find that this mixtures removed from the blueberry and grape skin which can restrain "P450 cytochrome ", the "P450 cytochrome" can initiate compound cancer-causing agents protein and decrease low-thickness lipoprotein chloesterol ,hence it can forestall the malignant growth and coronary illness.item

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Basic Information of Pterostilbene

  • ●Name: Pterostilbene

  • ●CAS: 537-42-8

  • ●Molecular Formula: C16H16O3

  • ●Molecular Weight: 256.30

  • ●Purity: more than 99%

  • ●Function: Antioxidant

Why Choose Our Company?

We are a cutting edge undertaking having some expertise in the exploration, improvement, creation and deals of regular plant dynamic fixings. Throughout the long term, we have given ourselves to exploring innovation and effectively created many dynamic fixing monomers, almost 100 sorts of normalized concentrates, and in excess of 200 sorts of standard proportion extricates. Our production line is situated in Han Cheng City, Shaanxi Region, covering a complete area of 1,600 square meters. It has constructed a plant useful fixing extraction and decontamination creation line. Our products are traded to Europe, North America, South America, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and in excess of 50 nations. We don't add different added substances in our crude powder, it is 100 percent normal concentrate from plant.

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Pterostilbene Benefits:

Pterostilbene bulk powder has some comparative system of resveratrol, which is a more viable methylated subsidiary with a best level of ingestion. It has a comparative primary Methylation stilbene particles as resveratrol. The main contrast is that the product subbed the hydroxyl resveratrol particle, in light of the fact that the product has two methoxy methylated and more amazing with regards to the level of oral assimilation. it is a more successful enemy of oxidant and hostile to malignant growth particles. It as of now viewed as the "cutting edge resveratrol".

●The product is a methylated subordinate of resveratrol, and has different natural exercises, for example, cell reinforcement, hostile to growth, lipid-bringing down and bacteriostatic, and its bioavailability is higher and more steady than resveratrol.

●The mutiple advantages of the product for the therapy and counteraction of human sicknesses has been credited to its cancer prevention agent, calming, anticancer outcomes in superior capability of typical cells and threatening cells.


As a cell reinforcement, it can hinder cell expansion, decrease blood lipid, restrain COX-1 and COX-2, battle malignant growth and battle organisms.It is a characteristic compound having a place with the stilbenoid family, has acquired consideration for its different expected applications across various fields:

Nutraceuticals: It is frequently utilized in nutraceutical products because of its cancer prevention agent properties. As a powerful cell reinforcement, it helps battle oxidative pressure and diminish harm brought about by free extremists in the body, advancing generally wellbeing and prosperity.

Hostile to Maturing Plans: Its capacity to kill free extremists and lessen irritation makes it a promising fixing in enemy of maturing skincare products. It might assist with further developing skin wellbeing, decrease indications of maturing, and safeguard against ecological stressors.

Mental Wellbeing: Research recommends that pterostilbene powder may make neuroprotective impacts and mental advantages. It has been read up for its capability to help mind capability, improve memory, and safeguard against age-related mental deterioration.

Cardiovascular Help: It has shown cardiovascular advantages, including calming and cholesterol-bringing down impacts. It might assist with supporting heart wellbeing, further develop dissemination, and diminish the gamble of cardiovascular infections.

Metabolic Wellbeing: The product shows guarantee in supporting metabolic wellbeing by controlling glucose levels and lipid digestion. It might have expected applications in overseeing conditions like diabetes and stoutness.

Disease Exploration: Starter studies propose that the product could have anticancer properties, repressing the development of specific disease cells and actuating apoptosis. Further exploration is continuous to investigate its expected job in malignant growth counteraction and treatment.

Athletic Execution: Some proof shows that it may help athletic execution by supporting energy digestion, lessening oxidative pressure, and upgrading perseverance. It is being examined for its likely use in sports nourishment supplements.

Where to Buy Bulk Pterostilbene for Sale?

We mainly manufacturer and wholesale pant extract powder, pharmaceutical intermediates powder, please feel free contact if you need to order pterostilbene powder, we can supply bulk and wholesale. 

Pterostilbene Dosage

We simply supply crude powder, don't have obviously counsel about the measurement when you do completed products. It is for the most part alright for go through in people at dosages to 250 mg each day. It is very much endured at a two times everyday dosing recurrence.

Our Factory

Xi'an Chen Lang Bio Tech Co., Ltd, laid out in 2006, is an expert and producer and exporter that is worried about the plan, improvement and creation of natural plant separate powder and drug intermediates powder, restorative crude powders. Each of our products follow global quality norms and are enormously valuable in a wide range of business sectors all through the world.


We research and foster unadulterated normal plant proteinase, lay out natural substance planting, creation, examination and deals administration mode, with 66% of China's natural substance establishing region, papaya unrefined substance establishing base of 30,000 mu, pineapple establishing base of 8,000 mu, give adequate unrefined substance to worldwide clients. Our pterostilbene powder are sent out to Japan, US, Europe, Singapore, Australia, Turkey, Spain, England and other in excess of 100 nations and locales.