Why Should Put Pure Fisetin Powder in My Diet

2024-05-12 15:26:03

What’s Fisetin?

Pure fisetin is a very special natural antioxidant, Fisetin is also present in vegetables and fruits such as apples, persimmons, grapes, kiwi, strawberries, onions and cucumbers. Fisetin has pharmacological properties such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This incredible antioxidant works to eliminate senescent (rogue) cells scattered around the body. Studies show that this unique polyphenol may help to reduce markers of senescence and ageing.


What is Flavonoid?

Flavonoids are various compounds that occur naturally in many fruits and vegetables. They are also found in plant products such as wine, tea and chocolate. There are six different types of flavonoids in food, and each is broken down by the body in a different way.

Fisetin is a natural flavonoid compound extracted from plants such as anacardiaceae.

Flavonoids rich in antioxidant activity, it can help your body fight off every day toxins. Including more flavonoids in your diet is a great way to help your body stay healthy and may reduce your risk of certain chronic diseases.

It helps regulate cellular activity and fight free radicals that cause oxidative stress in your body. Simply put, they help your body function more efficiently while protecting it from everyday toxins and stress.


Inflammation is one of your body's immune responses. Allergens, bacteria, toxins, and other irritants can trigger inflammation, leading to uncomfortable symptoms. Flavonoids can help you get rid of inflammation, which can reduce symptoms.

Pure fisetin Boost Brain Health:

Doctor'best, an American health care product brand, has a fisetin health product, which focuses on antioxidants and promotes brain health.

Fisetin is a bioflavonoid antioxidant that can help maintain glutathione levels and mitochondrial function in the presence of oxidative stress. It has the potential to cross the blood-brain barrier and may help maintain neuronal function even in the face of factors that contribute to the age-related decline in normal brain function.

So supplement pure fisetin in diet is important. Please send message to email: admin@chenlangbio.com If you need more information.