Oyster Peptide

Oyster Peptide

Name: Oyster Peptide
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Product Introduction

What is Oyster peptide?

Oyster peptide powder is gotten from shellfish meat protein through directional limitation compound little peptide detachment innovation. It is plentiful in protein, nutrients, fundamental microelements, and taurine. Because of its creation and handling strategy, oyster peptide powder is profoundly bioavailable and shows huge natural action inside human digestion. It is handily consumed by the body, considering proficient usage of its supplements. One eminent advantage is its capacity to really upgrade serum testosterone levels in men. With its different wholesome profile and bioactive properties, shellfish peptide powder is a significant enhancement for advancing by and large wellbeing and prosperity.

Product Advantages


Basic Information:

Appearance: No lumps, no visible impurities

Color: Yellow, the inherent color of the product

Traits: The powder is uniform and has good fluidity

Water soluble: Easily soluble in water, no precipitation

Smell and taste: Has inherent smell and taste, no peculiar smell

Main nutritional components of oyster oligopeptides

Clam oligopeptides are wealthy in fundamental supplements, including 8 fundamental amino acids, taurine, nutrients, zinc, selenium, iron, copper, iodine, and other minor components. This supplement profile gives various medical advantages:

Cancer prevention agent properties: Oyster peptide powder show cancer prevention agent impacts, assisting with killing free revolutionaries and diminish oxidative pressure.

Hypoglycemic impacts: They might assist with bringing down glucose levels, adding to better glucose control.

Hostile to growth action: Oyster peptide powder have been displayed to have hostile to growth properties, possibly restraining the development of disease cells.

Pro hindrance: Oyster peptide powder can hinder angiotensin-changing over compound (ACE), which might assist with directing pulse and cardiovascular wellbeing.

Kidney fortifying and quintessence renewal: These peptides support kidney capability and recharge fundamental substantial substances.

Upgrade of sexual capability: Oyster peptide powder might work on sexual capability and drive.

Energy renewal: They assist with renewing energy levels, battling weariness and advancing imperativeness.

Liver fortifying and detoxification: Shellfish peptides support liver wellbeing and help in detoxification processes.

Insusceptible framework upgrade: These peptides support invulnerability, assisting the body with safeguarding against contaminations and sicknesses.

Advancement of digestion: Oyster peptide powder help in metabolic cycles, supporting generally wellbeing and prosperity.

With its assorted exhibit of wellbeing advancing properties, oyster peptide powder supplementation can add to further developed essentialness, versatility, and in general wellbeing.

Health Care Effect

● Improve male sexual capability:

Oyster peptide powder successfully supports serum testosterone levels, along these lines upgrading male sexual capability. Furthermore, it manages physiological capabilities and gives fundamental nourishment to the body.

● Safeguard Liver:

Shellfish remove shows defensive impacts against test liver injury, fundamentally lessening serum ALT/AST levels and moderating undifferentiated organism harm actuated by CCl4-prompted liver injury.

● Further develop Body Invulnerability:

Oyster peptide's polysaccharide content improves the body's safe reaction and smothers the expansion of flu infection.

● Hypoglycemic Movement:

Shellfish extricate shows hypoglycemic impacts like sulfonylureas and biguanides.

● Forestall Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Infections:

Shellfish peptide might assist with forestalling cardiovascular and cerebrovascular sicknesses.

● Against Disease:

Normal Oyster dynamic peptide (BPO) really represses the expansion of gastric malignant growth BCC-823 cells and actuates apoptosis in disease cells.

Pertinent gatherings for shellfish oligopeptides:

It is reasonable for the old, men and different patients with kidney lack and feeble sperm, the individuals who are powerless and inclined to weariness, those with low invulnerability, sub-sound endlessly individuals after growth medical procedure.

Contraindicated gatherings: babies and small kids

Extent of use:Helper items for bringing down the degree of III, upgrading resistance, against weariness, men's items, enteral sustenance, sports drinks, and so on.

Production Ability


Our company has three production bases. It mainly carries the research and development of plant extracts and the production of raw powder. The extract can reach an annual production capacity of more than 5,000 tons.

01Liaoning creation base

Covering an area of 400 sections of land, it primarily delivers synthetic unrefined substances

02Shaan xi creation base

It covers an area of 150 sections of land and has a development area of 25,000 square meters. It is our most memorable industrial facility, principally liable for the profound handling and creation of plant remove, as well as embraced different OEM and ODM administrations.

03Shandong creation base

It is a useful food creation line. For the most part make food added substances, There will be in excess of 200 kinds of peptide-related items.


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