Evening Primrose Oil Powder

Evening Primrose Oil Powder

Name: Evening Primrose
Specification: 50%, Rich in Omega-6
Soluble: Water soluble,stability to light,heat,oxygen,PH,less volatile
MOQ: 20 Kg
Stock: 500 Kg
Delivery Time: Within 2~3 working days after you order
Payment Way: Bank Transfer, TT
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Product Introduction

Product Description:

Evening primrose oil powder is a white or an off-white free-flowing powder. It is made of evening primrose oil and other carriers like modified starch, mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids and sodium ascorbate etc. through HSF advanced micro-encapsulated technology. It is rich in Omega-6, and is an important nutritional supplement, widely used in food, health food, dairy products and beverages.

Health benefits of evening primerose powder includes joint pain relief, chronic headaches treatment, skin-antiaging, lower high cholesterol etc. They contain omega-6 essential fatty acid for body to provide anti-inflammatory effects.


Main Functions:

●It can help clear up acne;

●It may help ease eczema;

●It can help improve overall skin health;

●It may help relieve PMS symptoms;

●It can help minimize breast pain;

●It may help reduce hot flashes;

●Evening primrose oil powder may help reduce high blood pressure;

●It may help improve heart health;

●It can help reduce nerve pain;

●It may help ease bone pain.


Evening primrose oil powder is widely used in solid drinks, healthy food, diary products, beverages, dietary supplement, cosmetics etc.

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