What is Tribulus Terrestris Extract Used for

2024-04-28 22:05:44


Tribulus terrestris is a traditional Chinese medicine. All parts of tribulus terrestris are good medicine. Tribulus terrestris extract powder is very popular in the market. Many researchers have found that because it has a rich saponin, and flavonoid. It can improve sex ability, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidiant, anti-cancer and so on.

What’s Tribulus Terrestris?

Thistles are annual shrubs, it froms subtropical regions. Common plant in China, India, South America, Mexico, Spain, Bulgaria and Pakistan.

What Functions of Tribulus Terrestris Extract?

Tribulus terrestris extract powder can improve male sexual dysfunction. According to the Massachusetts male aging study, we find that about 52% of men aged 40 to 70 have mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. Main reason is the nonendocrine factor and endocrine factor.(Decreased testosterone levels in the blood). They found that take tribulus powder 1500mg/day, can regulate the erectile function, and hormonal readiness.

This powder also can improve female low libido disorder, boost testosterone, improve body immunity, and so on. 

Many people often ask what sides effect of tribulus terrestris extract powder? We do not find any side effect until now under use the powder in the right way and appropriate amount in a day. We will pay attention to research more functions of tribulus terrestris extract, and do contribution to the world.

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