What are the Health Benefits of Bitter Melon Extract Powder

2024-04-29 21:51:15


In life, people know bitter melon very much. It is a common vegetable. But some people do not like taste of bitter melon, because it is bitter. Our technicists research bitter melon extract powder, because it is called “natural insulin”. We research that it has a function to maintain blood sugar balance and reduce blood sugar.

How do people know about insulin? 

In the 5th century, two Indian monks discovered that some people pee more, and that the urine is more sticky and attracts more ants. But they did not know what disease of that until British doctors officially named the condition diabetes in the 17th century. Canadian biologists took a liquid from a dog's pancreas and injected it into a dog and found a rapid drop in blood sugar. This is the preliminary discovery of insulin.

Although it is a common vegetable, but the active ingredient charantin has a similar function to insulin. Many scientists have found that it can reduce the blood sugar. Using this extract powder make healthcare products can keep the blood sugar in balance, and prevent diabetes.

Elaterin is a “killer of fat”. It not only can absorb redundant adipose from the cell, but also can make polysaccharide reduce 40 ~ 60%, so it has very good effect on reducing weight.

Bitter melon extract powder also can anti-cancer, antioxidant, and so on. Many functions are researching now. 

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