Can Pure Fisetin Reverse Aging

2024-05-12 15:13:10

Pure fisetin powder is one of the most popular flavonoids found in vegetables and fruits with many health benefits such as antidiabetic, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory activities in human body.

Harvard University biology professor David Sinclair found that fisetin can activate the SIRT1 longevity protein, which is beneficial to longevity, but this did not make a big splash. What really makes fisetin shine in the field of anti-aging is its powerful removal of senescent cells ability.


Addressing cell senescence is fundamental to reducing the severity or delaying the onset of age-associated diseases. Although senescent cells are rare in young people, they increase with age in multiple tissues. Drugs able to selectively kill senescent cells termed senolytics or senotherapeutics have been identified that improve many aspects of aging in mouse models of accelerated and natural aging.

The most prominent effect of removing senescent cells is the combination of "dasatinib + quercetin". The combination of the two can remove about 30% of senescent cells, but the combination of these two compounds has a fatal disadvantage - strong toxicity, will Significantly reduce the viability of proliferating cells. In addition, the accuracy is not high enough, and while removing aging cells, it will also damage healthy cells.


Therefore, scientists have turned their attention to safer and more reliable natural plant extracts, and fisetin is the treasured substance found after multiple screening to remove aging cells.

The study found that the reason why senescent cells are tenacious and not prone to apoptosis is that they upregulate the anti-apoptotic SCAP network, and pure fisetin can just block this network, causing senescent cells to automatically go to apoptosis.

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