L Cysteine Powder

L Cysteine Powder

Name: L Cysteine
CAS: 52-90-4/4371-52-2
MOQ: 25Kg/Paper drum
Package: 25Kg/Paper drum
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Product Introduction

L cysteine powder is a non-essential amino acid, encoded by the codons UGU and UGC, and is a thiol-containing amino acid. Due to the presence of mercapto groups, it is less toxic, and as an antioxidant, it can prevent the generation of free radicals.It Is a naturally occurring non-essential amino acid. He is an activator of NMDA.


Basic Information:


L Cysteine

Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



White crystal powder




25Kg/Paper drum


Cool and dry place

L Cysteine powder is a produced amino acid that has many uses in food processing, it is mainly used in bakery products. It is an ingredient in dough improvers.

Mainly used in food, cosmetics and other aspects. Used in bread materials to promote the formation of gluten and promote fermentation, mold release, and prevent aging. Used in fruit juices to prevent oxidation of vitamin C and prevent the juice from turning brown.

Cysteine is a produced amino acid with many uses in food processing, it is used in bakery products, and as an ingredient in dough improvers.


●In terms of cosmetics: it is used to produce perm essence, sunscreen, perfume, hair nourishing essence, etc. This high-grade perm essence and cold perm essence, which replace thioglycolic acid with cysteine, have the advantages of easy perm, easy to maintain hairstyle. It can also formulate sunscreen and hair growth perfume.

●In Medicine:

Cysteine is mainly used in pharmaceuticals such as liver medicine, antidote, and expectorant. Cysteine and its derivatives can be used for liver poisoning and detoxification, antipyretic and analgesic, ulcer treatment, fatigue recovery, infusion and comprehensive amino acid preparations, etc. especially for expectorant; treatment of bronchitis and expectorant effect.


●In Food Field:

Bread fermentation accelerator, preservative. Cysteine is used as a fermentation aid, an antioxidant and stabilizer for milk powder and fruit juice, and a nutritional additive for pet food, etc.

●L Cysteine powder accelerates the formation of gluten and prevents aging; used in natural fruit juices to prevent the oxidation and browning of VC; It has detoxification effect on acrylonitrile and aromatic acidosis. It also can prevent radiation damage. 

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