Vitamin b7 Powder

Vitamin b7 Powder

Helping synthesis and metabolism of fats, liver sugars and amino acids in the body;
Prevent grey hair and hair loss, help to cure baldness;
Relieves muscle pain;
Supports healthy hair, skin and nails and Helps maintain healthy glucose levels;
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Product Introduction

What is Biotin Powder Vitamin b7 Powder ?

Also known as vitamin H, biotin is one of the B complex vitamins that help the body convert food into energy. The word “biotin” comes from the ancient Greek word “biotos,” which means “life” or“sustenance.” B vitamins, and specifically biotin, help keep your skin, hair, eyes, liver, and nervous system healthy. Biotin powder benefits are very familiar in human life.

Name biotin
Appearance Powder
Other Name Vitamin H, Vitamin B7
EINECS 200-399-3
CAS 58-85-5
Molecular Formula C10H16N2O3S
Molecular Weight 244.3032

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Main Functions and Biotin Powder Benefits:


1)Biotin(Vitamin H ) is the essential Nutrients of the retina,the Biotin deficiency could cause the Dry eye, keratization, inflammation, even blindness.


2)Biotin(Vitamin H) can improve the body's immune response and resistance.


3)Biotin(Vitamin H) can maintain normal growth and development.


4)Biotin(Vitamin H) deficiency will cause reproductive functions recession, bad bone growth and the obstruction of embryo and early childhood growth.


5) To help fat, glycogen and the synthesis and metabolism of amino acids in the human body is normal;


6) Vitamin b7 Powder can promote sweat glands, nerve tissue, bone marrow, the male gonads, the skin and hair of normal operation and the growth, relieve eczema, dermatitis symptoms;