What is Honokiol Powder Used For

2024-05-08 21:12:56

Magnolol extract has a high value medicine in Chinese medicine, the main active ingredient honokiol powder also popular in healthcare and medicine markets. We are know that total phenols in magnolol bark is lower, common is 2%~6%, and it is different purity from the different place of magnolol bark, but more than grown 16 years plant the purity is higher, we choose the more than 20 years magnolol bark to extract the active ingredients. This raw plant comes from the Hu Bei of China.


Honokiol is a poly-phenolic compound that exerts neuroprotective properties through a variety of mechanisms. It has therapeutic potential in anxiety, pain, cerebrovascular injury, epilepsy, and cognitive disorders including Alzheimer's disease.

Also have many applications in daily life. Honokiol can be used as antibacterial agents. Can be used to prevent acne, and prevent tooth decay. Also used for antioxidant and skin whitening products.

Used in gum, toothpaste, mouthwash products, prevent plaque and gingivitis, prevent dental caries, prevent bad breath;

Used for shampoo, anti - dandruff, anti - itchy, healthy hair follicles;

Used in shower gel, antibacterial, whitening, antipruritic.

Used in Cosmetics Products:

The antimicrobial properties of honokiol can be used as cosmetic preservatives;

It can be used as cosmetics water. Lotion, cream for Whitening and preventing spot;

It can make acne treatment cream, or facial mask.

Advice of dosage of honokiol powder: The maximum additive amount is 8%.

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