Beta Ecdysterone Powder Natural Material to Build Muscle

2024-05-12 14:33:26

Generations have heard the rumor that spinach makes children strong. The comic book hero Popeye used canned spinach to build up his superpowers in seconds and hunt down the baddies of the world. What is the truth about the myth of spinach as a strength donor? Does spinach extract really make muscles grow? Scientists investigated this question in a study to find out whether spinach makes you really strong and why athletes shouldn't pour spinach cans into themselves like the cartoon character Popeye. Find out more about beta ecdysterone powder and how the active ingredient from the spinach can optimally support you in building muscle.


Our Ecdysterone powder extract from the cyanotis arachnoidea extract. Ecdysteroids are produced by plants as protection against predators. In the form of dietary supplements, they are very popular with athletes to increase strength and muscle mass during weight training, reduce fatigue and recover from sore muscles. Several studies have found numerous pharmacological effects of ecdysteroids. The most active phytoecdysteroid, beta-ecdysterone, has probably been used by Russian athletes since the 1980s and is known as "Russian Secret". We mainly extract purity 50%, 90%, 95% and 98%.

In terms of sports health products, ecdysone has significant ability to stimulate protein synthesis in muscle cytoplasm by increasing the assembly of amino acids into protein chains, and this ability can be traced back to the process of translation and migration of protein growth.  Ecdysone not only has health but also safety, it helps stabilize cells in response to cortisol damage, normalizes energy synthesis steps (ATP and sarine) and improves liver function so that organisms quickly adapt to changes in environment and stress.  More than 50 studies have shown that ecdysone has no side effects, no interaction with hormones, and very low toxicity.  

The Beta-Ecdysterone Study of Freie Universität Berlin

The study examined the effect of beta-ecdysterone on 46 male volunteers. In the course of the study, however, six subjects dropped out because they were absent or no longer available for more than 10 percent of the training sessions. The subjects were on average 25.6 years old and 181.9 cm tall. At the beginning of the study they weighed an average of 80 kg.

The study was conducted over a period of ten weeks and the subjects were divided into four groups. The first group (Ec1) received 12 mg beta ecdysterone powder, the second group (Ec2) 48 mg beta-ecdysterone (*). One placebo group received capsules without the active ingredient. Another control group received capsules without the active ingredient and also did not participate in the training sessions completed by the other three groups.

The training consisted of three strength training sessions per week. Each training session was followed by a rest day. During each training unit, six dumbbell exercises, which train the entire body, were performed by the test persons. In addition, the weight was continuously increased during the study.

Increased Maximum Strength and Muscle Growth through Cyanotis Arachnoidea Extract Beta-Ecdysterone

At the end of the 10-week study, the three groups that had participated in the training sessions had improved their performance. In bench press, the placebo group showed an average increase of 3.59 percent (3.33 kg), the Ec1 group 11.5 percent (9.58 kg) and the Ec2 group lifted 9.5 percent more (8.5 kg). The muscle mass increased Ec1 by 1.58 kg and Ec2 by 2.03 kg. In contrast, the placebo group even lost 0.35 kg muscle mass on average.

Side effects due to the intake of beta ecdysterone powder were not detected in the study by extensive blood tests of the participants.

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