What is Natural Stevia Extract Powder Used for

2024-05-09 22:42:10

Natural stevia extract powder active ingredient is stevioside, This is a natural and extremely sweet sweetener that does not affect blood sugar levels. 

Stevia extract contains no calories and is 100% natural. In Japan, high-purity stevia extracts have been approved for use in food and beverages for decades.  For the latest five years, the world's leading food safety and regulatory bodies have been positive about use of purified stevia extract in food and beverage, they think it is a safe sweetener.


Is stevia extract powder safe for human body? 

Preclinical and clinical studies have shown that stevia extract is safe for use in the general population, including diabetics, children and pregnant women, as well as in people with unexplained side effects or allergies. 

★Studies have shown that stevia extract does not affect blood sugar levels or interfere with insulin;

★Stevia extract contains no calories and can give diabetics more flexibility in budgeting their total calories and help with weight control;

★No matter how stevia extract was ingested, there was no effect on glycemic index GI;

★Stevia extract can also be used in a variety of foods and beverages, and individual uses and levels of use may vary depending on the country.  Stevia extract has a synergistic effect when used in combination with other sweeteners.


Is powdered stevia bad for you?

Does stevia cause any side effects? The FDA says stevia glycosides, such as Reb-A, are “generally recognized as safe.” They haven't approved whole-leaf stevia or crude stevia extract for use in processed foods and beverages due to a lack of safety information.

Import and export status:

The latest statistics of the Customs show that the export volume of stevia extract reached 84.3 million US dollars in 2009, up 132% year on year.  Exports were about 1,754 tons, up 90 percent year on year.  


According to the data of China Chamber of Commerce for Importers and Exporters of Medical and Health Products, in 2000, the export volume of stevia extract in China was less than 1 million US dollars. However, since 2006, the export volume accelerated, and in 2009, the export volume was 84 times than 2000 -- natural stevia extract powder became a new star in the export of plant extract in China.

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