What Benefits of Spine Date Seed Extract Powder?

2024-05-08 20:33:52

Spine date seed is not only the plant, but also a medicine. We always collect the seeds at the Autumn, used the ripe fruit to do the extract powder. After a period of airing, we can used this plant to do extract powder. In the basic theory of Chinese medicinal materials, Spine date seed extract powder jujube kernel belongs to the first medicine to help sleeping, in fact, it has many functions.


Jujube contains more cyclic adenosinemonophosphate, the body's cellular energy metabolism in essential componentsthat enhance strength and eliminate fatigue, dilation of blood vessels, increasing myocardial contractility, improving myocardial nutrition, preventionand treatment of  cardiovascular disease have a good effect; Chinese medicinetheory holds that red dates with  tonic Qi, nourishing and soothe the nerves, such as the role of the spleen and stomach are the  spleen and stomach weakness,lack of qi and blood, fatigue weakness, insomnia, dreams and  so many patientswith good health care nutrition.

Main Functions of it:

Immune Enhancement:

Spine date seed extract powder has good effect on anti-infection. 

Calming effect on sleep:

After using the extract powder, or taking the water of the spine date seed, we can feel calm and want to sleep no matter using the coffee or not. 

Protect Heart:

Jujubosides in spine date seed could significantly maintain the myocardial damage caused by oxygen deficiency and glucose deficiency and chlorpromazine. It also has the function to antiarrhythmic.

Spine date seed extract powder also can lower blood pressure and antioxidant.

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