Are Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder Good for You

2024-05-07 22:07:23

Tribulus terrestris extract powder is Chinese medicine for many years. The Chinese use it to treat many liver, kidney and cardiovascular diseases. Bulgarians used it as a libido enhancer to treat infertility. Now it is widely used in US market. European and American athletes and fitness champions are already used it since 2013. We manufactured the powder that data suits for all the market.

Active ingredient is the saponin 90%, it is a testosterone stimulant. Studies have shown that it can work well when combine with DHEA and androstenedione. However, it increases testosterone levels by a different route than DHEA and androstadienone, it is different from testosterone precursor, it can promotes luteinizing hormone (LH) production.As LH levels rise, so does the production of testosterone.


It is good effect on improve sex ability. BILL PHILIPPS, editor of Muscle Media, said tribulus saponin could improve sexual efficiency. For those who want to gain more muscle (bodybuilders, athletes, etc.), it is a wise  choice to combine tribulus with DHEA and androstenedione. But tribulus terrestris saponin is not an essential nutrient and there is no corresponding deficiency. The saponin of Tribulus can naturally raise the blood testosterone of athletes, and it does not contain any stimulant. Studies have shown that taking saponin from Tribulus for a week can increase blood testosterone levels by 40% or more.

Tribulus saponin is a non-hormonal nutrient because this herb does not contain any of the three main hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone).In addition, it can reduce blood pressure, blood lipids and other effects, which contain peroxidase enzymes, has an obvious anti-aging effect.

Most experts recommend a daily trial dose of 750 to 1,250 milligrams of tribulus terrestris extract powder. It will get good result if combine with 100mg DHEA and 100mg androstenedione. It is no any obvious side effect after take it. And we found In animal experiments, the sperm count and motility were improved after use tribulus 30 days.