What Is Griffonia Extract Powder Used For

2024-04-29 21:03:40


Griffonia extract powder is popular in market. We know that active ingredient 5HTP is used to make healthcare additives in whole market, especially in European healthcare companies. Many customers consult us about the 5HTP in latest days, such as when to take that will have good effect on body or how much should I take one time? We are very happy to receive these messages, because more and more people know protect their health. We do the raw herbal extract, function 5HTP we can give you very clearly. Hope this information also help that do healthcare additives company.

First, let me introduce what 5HTP is?

Many people feel very happy after they take some sugar, sweet cakes or other sweet foods, but why? It because eating sugar releases three to four times serotonin than common, which control human emotions, so people feel happy after take sweet foods. but this process can cause irreparable damage to neurons. Many people feel upset, depressed in long time after the RAVE, because the brain is missing serotonin, the natural resecretion of serotonin is a very long process. Molecular formula of serotonin is 5HT, taking 5HTP has the effect of speeding up the production of serotonin, which helps ward off depression.

5HTP as a non - daily supplement the trace element of human body, we must use it in suit dosage. Many medicine and healthcare company know how to use it in a safe way. Griffonia extract powder 5-HTP is a natural powder, used in common way, do not have any bad effect on body, if used to much, it leads heartache, stomachache, nausea, vomiting and so on. Please feel free contact me if you need to know more information about 5-HTP.

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