What is Garlic Extract Powder Allicin

2024-05-11 21:47:45

Garlic extract powder allicin is defined as an organosulfur compound that is obtained from garlic. Garlic cloves (Allium sativum), a species in the Alliaceae plant family, actually produce more allicin via enzymatic reactions when the plant is attacked or injured.

This compound is formed after the enzyme alliinase converts alliin to allicin.

Allicin supplements are more accurately referred to as “garlic pills,” since they contain a number of active compounds. Allicin is responsible for the signature smell and taste of garlic.


Compounds created by allicin are considered to be very volatile. They give off hydrogen sulfide, the reason they are so pungent.

How is allicin extracted from garlic? Purified allicin is actually not sold commercially because it is not very stable.

What Main Functions of the Allicin Powder?

Because it has a broad range of biological activities and breaks down to form other organosulfur compounds, allicin uses include:

▲Fighting infections, due to its antimicrobial activity

▲Protecting heart health, for example due to its cholesterol- and blood pressure-lowering effects

▲Potentially helping to protect against cancer formation

▲Protecting the brain from oxidative stress

▲Warding off insects and microorganisms

Where to Obtain Allicin?

▅The very best way to obtain garlic extract powder allicin is from eating fresh garlic that has been crushed or sliced. Fresh, uncooked garlic should be crushed, sliced, or chewed to maximize allicin production.

▅Heating garlic has been shown to reduce its antioxidant, antibacterial and vascular protective effects, since it changes the chemical composition of sulfur compounds. Some studies have found that during one minute in the microwave or 45 minutes in the oven, a significant amount has been lost, including almost all anticancer activity.

▅Microwaving garlic is not recommended. However, if cooking garlic it’s best to keep the cloves whole and to either roast, acid mince, pickle, grill or boil the garlic to help retain its nutrients.

▅Allowing crushed garlic to stand for 10 minutes before being cooked may help increase levels and some biological activity. However, it’s debatable how well this compound can withstand its journey through the gastrointestinal tract once eaten.

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▅Are there any other allicin foods aside from garlic? Yes, it’s also found in onions nutrition and other species in the family Alliaceae, to a lesser extent. However, garlic is the single best source.

▅While it has many health-promoting characteristics, studies have not found black garlic extract powder to provide higher amounts of allicin than other types of garlic. However, eating all types of garlic is still beneficial and encouraged, since the many benefits of garlic extend beyond allicin — such as providing flavonoids, steroid saponins, organoselenium compounds and allixin.

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