Guava Fruit Powder

Guava Fruit Powder

Name: guava powder
Package: 1Kg/bag
MOQ: 1Kg
Ingredients: Guava powder, maltodextrin
Stock: 1000 Kg
Package: 15Kg/Carton
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Product Introduction

Guava taste sweet and juicy, smooth flesh, often eat can supplement the lack of nutrients in the human body, guava fruit powder can strengthen the body to improve physical quality. Guava has 38% less fat and 42% fewer calories than an apple.

fruit guava powder

We choose the fresh guava without water directly pressed fresh pulp, and advanced spray drying process refined, maintain the fresh guava nutrition and flavor, instant dissolution, easy to eat, is the best food ingredients at present.

Characteristics of guava powder:

●Adhere to do not add flavor, pigment, sucrose, preservatives;

●Effectively maintain the nutritional composition and pure flavor of guava, the purity of raw powder is more than 90%, maltodextrin 6%~8%;

pure Guava powder

●It has pure flavor, fine powder, natural color, good instant soluble in water, no stratification, easy to eat.

Nutritional value of Guava Powder:


●The guava fruit itself is a rich source of nutrients, especially protein and vitamin C;

●Also contains vitamin A, B and trace elements calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and so on;

●Guava fruit powder is also rich in dietary fiber, carotene, fat and other nutrients.


●Fight infection:

Guava has the ability to prevent cell damage and lead to cancerous lesions, avoid the occurrence of atherosclerosis, and resist infectious diseases. Maintain normal blood pressure and heart function.

●Nutritional Supplements:

Guava fruit powder can effectively supplement the nutrients that are missing or easily lost by the human body. Guava is high in fiber, can effectively clean up the intestines, and has a unique effect on diabetic patients.



Guava powder has antioxidant properties, can whiten the skin, prevent the formation of dark spots and freckles, and increase the skin's resistance to ultraviolet rays. It is the best choice for women to keep their skin white.