Pure Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder for Sale and Hydrolyzed Keratin Benefits

2024-05-25 21:19:58

XI AN CHEN LANG BIO TECH CO., LTD is hydrolyzed keratin powder supplier and manufacturer. Hydrolyzed keratin is a processed form of the protein keratin, which is a major component found in human hair, skin, and nails, as well as in the feathers, hooves, and horns of animals. Keratin is known for its structural and protective properties, contributing to the strength and integrity of these tissues. Hydrolyzed keratin is created through a process called hydrolysis, which breaks down the larger keratin protein molecules into smaller fragments, known as peptides. These smaller peptides are believed to have cosmetic and functional benefits for hair and skin.

Hydrolyzed keratin is commonly used in hair and skin care products, including shampoos, conditioners, serums, masks, and treatments.


How to Get Hydrolyzed Keratin?

The extraction of hydrolyzed keratin involves the following steps:

●Source Selection:

Keratin can be extracted from various sources, such as animal byproducts like feathers, wool, and horns. For cosmetic purposes, keratin is often sourced from sheep's wool, as it is more readily available and a byproduct of the wool industry.Our keratin extract from chicken feathers and duck feathers, and we do not add other additives in that.

●Cleaning and Processing:

The source material is cleaned and processed to remove impurities, dirt, and oils. This ensures that the extracted keratin is of a higher purity.


The processed keratin is subjected to hydrolysis, a process that involves breaking down the large keratin protein molecules into smaller peptides. This is typically achieved through the use of enzymes or chemicals.

●Filtration and Purification:

The resulting mixture is then filtered to remove any remaining solid particles or larger molecules. This step helps refine the hydrolyzed keratin solution.


The liquid hydrolyzed keratin is often spray-dried to create a powder that is easier to incorporate into cosmetic formulations.


The hydrolyzed keratin powder can be added to various hair and skin care products to provide the intended benefits.

What is hydrolyzed protein powder use for?

★Make keratin molecules smaller and easier to absorb:

Keratin is a kind of macromolecular protein, which is difficult to be directly absorbed and utilized by the human body. Hydrolyzed keratin can break down keratin molecules into smaller peptide chains and amino acids, making it easier for the body to absorb and utilize.

★Promote collagen production:

Hydrolyzed keratin powder is rich in amino acids, which can provide raw materials for collagen synthesis and promote collagen production and repair.

★Improve skin luster and elasticity:

It can increase the collagen content in the skin, thereby improving the elasticity and luster of the skin.

★Liver protection:

Hydrolyzed keratin can reduce the burden on the liver and promote liver cell regeneration and repair.

Is Hydrolyzed Protein Powder Safe?

Hydrolyzed protein powder, including hydrolyzed keratin, is generally considered safe for use in cosmetic and personal care products when used as directed. These products are designed for external use on the skin and hair. However, it's important to keep a few things in mind:

Allergies and Sensitivities: Some individuals may have allergies or sensitivities to specific proteins, including hydrolyzed proteins. If you have a history of allergies or sensitivities, it's recommended to perform a patch test before using a product that contains hydrolyzed protein to ensure you don't experience any adverse reactions.

Product Quality: The safety of hydrolyzed protein powders depends on the quality and purity of the product. Using products from reputable and trusted brands can reduce the risk of adverse reactions or contamination.

Usage Guidelines: Always follow the usage instructions provided on the product packaging. Overuse or misuse of any cosmetic product, including those containing hydrolyzed proteins, could potentially lead to negative outcomes.

Individual Reactions: Everyone's skin and hair are unique. While hydrolyzed protein powders are generally well-tolerated, there's always a possibility of individual reactions. If you notice any irritation, redness, itching, or other adverse effects after using a product containing hydrolyzed protein, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.

Avoid Ingestion: Hydrolyzed protein powders are meant for external use only. They are not intended to be ingested. Make sure to keep these products out of reach of children and pets.


If you have specific concerns about using products with hydrolyzed protein, it's a good idea to consult a dermatologist or a medical professional, especially if you have a history of skin conditions or allergies.

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