Skin Whitening Gigawhite Powder

Skin Whitening Gigawhite Powder

Name: Gigawhite Powder
Spec: 98%
Stock: 500 Kg
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Quality control: COA, MSDS
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Product Introduction

What is Giga white powder made of:

Skin whitening Gigawhite powder is a natural skin brightener. It is made from Swiss Alpine plant extracts. Giga white has been tested and showed effective results for skin whitening.

What's the Main Functions of Gigawhite Powder?


Giga White Powder has the meaning of natural whitening and whitening factors, it can penetrate into the skin to lock water, repair damaged skin, restore collagen function, prevent facial wrinkles, keep skin smooth, soft and elastic, and accelerate the metabolism of new cells. In addition, skin cells are renewed, melanin pigment is reduced, endocrine is regulated, yellow is reversed by reversing aging, pigmentation is inhibited, making skin white, delicate and elastic.

★Water absorption

It helps the skin absorb a lot of water. The skin has water, so it can keep its elasticity and softness naturally.

★Remove wrinkles

It can remove wrinkles, make the skin tight, anti-aging, and has greater effect on young cells than young people.


Skin Whitening gigawhite powder can prevent inflammation, skin irritation, bacterial growth, promote cell metabolism and skin regeneration, relieve pain and pruritus, and is effective for facial paralysis, acne, allergy and redness.