Potassium 4-Methoxysalicylate

Potassium 4-Methoxysalicylate

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Product Introduction

What is 4MSK?

4MSK stands for Potassium 4 Methoxysalicylate Salt. It is a chemical compound that is often used in the cosmetics and skincare industry. Specifically, 4MSK is known for its skin-brightening properties. It is used in various skincare products, such as serums, lotions, and creams, to address issues like dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone.Here are a few central issues around 4MSK:

  • Skin Brightening: 4MSK is known for its skin-lighting up properties. It works by hindering the development of melanin, the shade answerable for dull spots and lopsided complexion. By lessening melanin creation, 4MSK can assist with easing up existing dull spots and keep new ones from framing.

  • Delicate and Effective: 4MSK is viewed as a delicate yet powerful option in contrast to other skin-easing up specialists, for example, hydroquinone, which can here and there cause skin bothering or responsiveness. 4MSK is all around endured by most skin types and is less inclined to cause antagonistic responses.

  • Cancer prevention agent Benefits: Notwithstanding its skin-lighting up impacts, 4MSK additionally offers cell reinforcement benefits. Cell reinforcements assist with safeguarding the skin from harm brought about by free revolutionaries, natural stressors, and UV radiation, which can add to untimely maturing and skin staining.

  • Collagen Production: A few examinations recommend that 4MSK may likewise assist with animating collagen creation in the skin. Collagen is a protein that keeps up with skin versatility and solidness, prompting a more energetic appearance.

  • Use in Skincare Products: 4MSK is ordinarily tracked down in serums, creams, salves, and other skincare items focusing on hyperpigmentation, dull spots, and lopsided complexion. It is much of the time remembered for plans intended to advance a more brilliant, all the more even coloring.

In general, Potassium 4-Methoxysalicylate is a flexible fixing that offers numerous advantages for the skin, including skin lighting up, cell reinforcement security, and potential collagen-supporting impacts. When integrated into skincare schedules, 4MSK can assist with addressing different worries connected with complexion and pigmentation, prompting a more brilliant and uniform composition.It is believed to work by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme involved in the production of melanin-the pigment responsible for skin color. By regulating melanin production, 4MSK may help reduce the appearance of dark spots and promote a more even skin tone.


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Name: 4MSK

Main Active Ingredients: 4-Methoxysalicylic Acid Potassium

Appearance: White Powder

Specifications: 98%

MOQ: 1Kg

Stock: 500 Kg

Functions: Skin Whitening

About Our Company:


About Our Company

Xi'an Chen Lang Bio Tech Co., Ltd, established in 2006, is a professional and manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of herbal plant extract powder and pharmaceutical intermediates powder, cosmetic raw powders. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.We research and develop pure natural plant proteinase, establish raw material planting, production, research and sales service mode, with two-thirds of China's raw material planting area, papaya raw material planting base of 30,000 mu, pineapple planting base of 8,000 mu, provide sufficient raw material for global customers. Our products are exported to Japan, United States, Europe, Singapore, Australia, Turkey, Spain, Britain and other more than 100 countries and regions.

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We Have R&D Laboratory

Our research and development department of company is led by technicians and experts with more than 15 years' working experience. Company's quality control center is equipped with imported high-performance liquid chromatograph - evaporative light-scattering detector (HPLC - ELSD), atomic fluorescence photometer (AFS), ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer (UV), microbiological testing equipment, rapid moisture meter and so on. We control the various aspects product content through heavy metals, quality indexes such as trace elements, microorganisms. In addition, the mature marketing management team has won the unanimous recognition of domestic and foreign customers, won a good reputation, become a reliable plant extract supplier.


Restrain tyrosinase action and decrease melanin biosynthesis:

Tyrosinase is the main rate-restricting chemical for melanin biosynthesis in the human body. It decides the pace of melanin creation speed. Subsequently, restraining tyrosinase movement is the main technique to control melanin creation.

General indicators:


Potassium 4-methoxysalicylate

Batch No







Aluminium Foil Bag

Expiration Date



Corporation standard





Off-white crystal powder

Off-white crystal powder













4MSK Benefits:

Mellow fingernail skin and brighten skin:

It mellow the layer corneum, enacting cell recovery, brightening the skin, and speeding up the definition of keratin cells.

Lessen pigmentation of orchestrated melanin:

It has cancer prevention agent and free extremist rummaging impacts, defers skin maturing, and hinders recently combined melanin from shaping color affidavit through oxidation pathways.


Potassium 4-Methoxysalicylate, otherwise called 4MSK, has different applications in skincare and restorative plans because of its skin-lighting up and skin-further developing properties. Here are a few normal utilizations of Potassium 4-Methoxysalicylate:

  • Skin Brightening: One of the essential uses of Potassium 4-Methoxysalicylate is in skin lighting up items. It assists with inhibitting melanin creation, which can lessen the presence of dim spots, hyperpigmentation, and lopsided complexion. This makes it a famous fixing in serums, creams, and salves focusing on skin staining.

  • Hostile to Maturing Formulations: Its cell reinforcement properties make it an important fixing in enemy of maturing skincare definitions. It safeguards the skin from free extreme harm, which can add to untimely maturing, like scarcely discernible differences, wrinkles, and hanging skin. By consolidating Potassium 4-Methoxysalicylate, skincare items can offer both lighting up and hostile to maturing benefits.

  • Sun Care Products:It is additionally utilized in sun care items, like sunscreens and after-sun creams. Its capacity to restrain melanin creation can help forestall and decrease sun-instigated hyperpigmentation, while its cell reinforcement properties offer extra insurance against UV-prompted skin harm.

  • Spot Treatments: It is many times remembered for spot medicines or designated skincare items intended to address explicit areas of hyperpigmentation or dim spots. By zeroing in on limited regions, Potassium 4-Methoxysalicylate can assist with further developing complexion and surface in unambiguous pain points.

  • Lighting up Masks: Skincare veils planned with it can give serious treatment to generally skin lighting up and brilliance. These veils can assist with night out complexion, decrease staining, and improve the skin's normal shine.

Generally speaking, Potassium 4-Methoxysalicylate is a flexible fixing with numerous applications in skincare and corrective plans. Its skin-lighting up, cell reinforcement, and hostile to maturing properties make it an important expansion to items pointed toward further developing complexion, decreasing hyperpigmentation, and improving generally speaking skin wellbeing and appearance.

Advise Dosage:


Advise Dosage of 4MSK

Whitening and anti-wrinkle/moisturizing/freckle removal/moisturizing cream


lotion whitening facial cleanser


Whitening essence


Whitening shower gel


Whitening sunscreen lotion


Whitening lotion


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