Loquat Leaf Extract

Loquat Leaf Extract

Name: Loquat Leaf Extract
Active Ingredient: Ursolic acid, corosolic acid
Specifications: 5%~80%
MOQ: 1Kg
Stock: 500 Kg
Package: 25Kg/Paper drum, 1Kg/Aluminum foil bag
Ship Time: Within 2~3 working days after you order
Payment Way: Bank Transfer, TT, Western Union, Paypal and so on.
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Product Introduction

Loquat leaf extract manufacturer and supplier. It (Eriobotrya japonica) is a plant species belonging to the family rosaceae and the loquat leaf extract (LLE) has been reported to contain ursolic acid. Loquat Leaf is common healthcare products, and has many benefits for human body. Loquats leaves are low-calorie fruits that provide numerous vitamins and minerals, making them very nutritious. These fruits are particularly high in carotenoid antioxidants, which prevent cellular damage and may protect against disease. Loquats are very high in antioxidants, chemicals that help protect your cells against damage and disease. One study showed that loquat leaves had a stronger antioxidant effect than 54 other medicinal plants. Loquats are particularly high in carotenoid antioxidants, which boost the immune system.

We mainly extract corosolic acid from Loquat leaf, this one can test the quality of this plant extract. Ursolic acid is present in many plants, including apples, bilberries, cranberries, elder flower, peppermint, lavender, oregano, thyme, hawthorn, prunes. Action of Ursolic acid: Ursolic acid has medicinally action, both topically and internally.

Loquat Leaf Extract

Why Choose Our Company About Herbal Plant Extract Powder?

★We have our own magnolia raw material planting base, from the source to control the quality, in order to ensure the continuous stability and quality of raw materials;

★We extract from 10%~98%, all kinds of spec, it can satisfy for all kinds of fields;

★Our powder has no pesticide residue, low solvent residue;

★Our powder can pass “Third party testing”, we can test again if you order big quantity;

★Our company has successively passed BRC system certification, cGMP system certification, national laboratory (CNAS) certification,ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14001 and so on.

★Our products are exported to Europe, North America, South America, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and more than 50 countries. We do not add other additives in our raw powder, it is 100% natural extract from plant.

★We supply good after sale service.

Please send inquiry to Email: admin@chenlangbio.com if you want to buy loquat leaf extract.

Main Functions of the Ursolic Acid Powder:

●Active ingredient ursolic acid in loquat leaf has a very good stability, so it is often used in the research and development of spices and flavors, in order to make all kinds of flavor under stable state.

●It can Low blood fat, blood pressure, anti-atherosclerosis;

●Anti-hepatitis, with the function of protecting liver;

★Preventing and inhibiting the growth of tumor formation;

★Anti-oxidant, especially on the respect of anti-aging and skin protected has a positive effect;

★Ursolic acid can significantly enhance the immune function of the body.


Loquat leaf extract applied in food field, pharmaceutical field, and cosmetic field.

Package and Delivery:

●1~10 Kg packaged by foil bag, and carton outside;

●25Kg/paper drum.


●We will delivery within 2~3 working days after you order, and more than 500 Kg, we can discuss the date of delivery.