Goji Berry Extract Powder

Goji Berry Extract Powder

Character of the wolfberry extract: Helps maintain a healthy immune function;
Effective antioxidant protection;
Reduce blood sugar and blood fat; NON GMO; No additives.
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Product Introduction

What is goji berry extract powder?

Obtained from the fruits of the Lycium barbarum L., Goji berry is also known as lycium, wolfberry, barbary boxthorn, Kukoshi (Japanese) and Gou Qi Zi (Gouqizi, in Chinese). Our Goji Berry Extract is made with vegetable-derived propanediol. Our Goji berry extract is obtained from the fruits of Lycium Barbarum L.

goji berry powder

Namegoji berry extract
Active ingredientpolysaccharide
Package25Kg/paper drum, 1Kg/bag 
Stock1000 Kg
Delivery Timewithin 2~3 working days after you order

Character of the wolfberry extract:

●Helps maintain a healthy immune function;

●Effective antioxidant protection;

●Reduce blood sugar and blood fat;


●No additives.

wolfberry extract powder

Main Functions of the Goji Berry Extract Powder:

★Immune regulation, hypoglycemia, hypolipidemia, anti-aging, anti-fatigue effect, etc;

★Goji berry extract powder can lower blood cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, enhance vision, prevent glaucoma, whitening, moisturizing, skin care, reduce pigment and other functions.  

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